What to Do Immediately After Taking Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is a yoga certificate course where yoga instructor training yoga as a form of exercise. After completion of the yoga certificate course, they provide yoga instructor certification.

Due to the endless benefits and purposes, these days, people include yoga in their daily workout. Practicing yoga lets you connect with your soul and nature. Not only in personal life that yoga is getting popular, but now it becoming a professional career choice as well.

Yoga Teacher Training

Those who are still unaware of the Yoga Teacher Training, it is simply a training of teachers regarding yoga as a form of exercise. This primarily consists of practicing various yoga asanas and getting a certification for the same.

Such training is provided and accredited by many organizations in the world. For example, the British Wheel of Yoga, which is in the United Kingdom, the Yoga Alliance in America, by the European Union of Yoga in Europe and by BDY in Germany are granting training to become a teacher of Yoga. All these organizations have created their level of standard hours to impart yoga training.

Now, if you are among who has taken this Yoga Teacher Training and now wondering what to do with it then, here is the list of things that you should immediately do, as soon as you finish the training:

What to Do Immediately After Taking Yoga Teacher Training

1. Get your certificate

yoga certificate course

There are some training programs that do not grant you the certification after the completion of your training. They need you to write essays about yoga, teach some demonstration classes of yoga, attend some advance level classes, etc. But after completing all these activities, grab your certificate for which you have worked hard. Make it on the top of your priority list. Keep an electronic copy of your certification so that you can quickly send it anywhere.

2. Register with Yoga Organization

Most of the yoga teacher training schools are registered with the recognized organization, but some may not. It is preferable to register yourself with a reliable and trustworthy organization so that you can show the validity of your certification.

It will help you if you register with an international organization. Because just in case if you plan to move overseas, your certification should hold a global recognition in order to pursue teaching yoga.

3. Create a Folder

Once you finish a Yoga Teacher Training, you may require attending other programs, workshops, and sessions to learn more about yoga. These workshops and programs give appreciation certificates to note that you were the part of it.

Keep these appreciation certificates in a proper folder. After completing basic training, you may wish to appear for a higher or advanced level as well, for that the academy checks and validates your past experiences and certifications. So, to keep a record, start maintaining a folder so that you do not miss out on any certificate.

4. Write your Yoga Bio

As soon as you finish training, mention this in your resume. It will be useful if you create another bio for yoga experience. Include all your related skills in that to increase the validation of it.

Do not forget to add your education and other qualification with it. Make sure your resume reflects more about your teaching interest. Somewhere in your resume, mention why do you want to teach yoga?

5. Make Professional Contacts

Once you finish your Yoga Teacher Training, start creating professional contacts. Networking is the key to enter any field. Contact potential schools and academies where you want to teach.

Ask your colleagues from your training, ask for their contact, and seek out their support to teach and socialize. Connect with a local community that works for yoga. Practice with the community members so that you can make deep and long-lasting contacts.

6. Start Yoga Classes

yoga instructor training

After your training, you can start teaching yoga. Do not wait for your fellow trainees to begin their classes first. Taking a class will help you to motivate and inspire other people as well.

Go to schools, fitness studios, parks to take a yoga class. At the beginning you can even take some free classes, this will going to help you in showing your talent and attract more students to your class.

7. Create a Social Media Presence

Create a Social Media Presence

In the current era, there is nothing better than social networking sites to market about you. Handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. will help in making your presence noticeable. It takes time and patience both to maintain successful social media accounts, but it not an impossible task. Mark your presence everywhere.

Well, that about stating what you can do with Yoga Teacher Training once you complete it. Now don’t sit back and wait for the things to happen on their own. Start teaching and inspiring through Yoga.

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