Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for 2020

Are you searching for the highest paying jobs? Here I Give you Top 5 best paying jobs. Once you join these highest paying jobs in the world your career is a boost.

For freshly graduated or undergraduate students’ jobs hold priority in their lives. This is not only due to the income but also due to exposure to real-world problems and experiences.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for 2020


Having work experience boosts up the practical way of thinking and the applications of the theoretical concepts studied in their student lives. Students usually aim for the top paying jobs mostly for exposure and income and these jobs are the ones in high demand.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for 2020


A Data Scientist is someone who collects, analyzes and also interprets a large amount of data. A Data Scientist not only solves problems related to the huge amounts of data but also helps in identifying and minimizing the threats in the data analyzed.

A Data scientist can also be helpful in marketing. By analyzing huge amounts of data, the company can estimate
its product purchase rate in different areas by a different audience in turn targeting the right audience for product endorsement. A data scientist also needs skills like mathematics, statistics, business handling, good communication skills and so on.

Skills Required

Data scientists need to have a diverse knowledge of subjects. They need to have these skills to handle data efficiently such as statistics, programming in R or Python, Machine Learning, Data Extraction, Data visualization, Hadoop, SQL and so on. R programming is required because most Data scientists need to solve the problems statistically for which R is most suitable.

The use of Python makes it much easier for them to solve the problems due to its intake on various forms of data. ML would help solve these problems more efficiently and uniquely due to the amount of data. Data wrangling is another important skill as it helps to deal with huge data and can get messier sometimes.

What do you need

Master’s courses usually help you a lot in building a strong base in data science and other requirements such as mathematics, business, etc. Also learning Python during your Master’s can really be helpful and will fetch you more chances at becoming a Data Scientist.

Salary and Companies

Based on the skillset earned in the past years a Data Scientist can earn an average of $60,000 to $1,00,00 per annum or above. Top companies that hire data scientists are

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Accenture
  • Facebook
  • Intel
  • Google and so on.


best paying jobs Machine learning expert

Machine Learning has become the most demanded skill worldwide. ML can be considered as a subset to AI where the computer learns from itself increasing the efficiency of the program overall.

Skills required

To become an ML expert, you need to understand the basic concepts first and need to know Big Data, Data Science AI and so on. Programming and knowing the machine’s architecture and structure is also important. Statistics and Probability help majorly in problem-solving because most problems are solved by Statistical data.

Also, programming languages like Python or R are necessary as it eases the task. Skills such as Data Mining are also important. Deep learning is the key to success for tech companies. This helps in building artificial neuronal networks similar to the brain.

What do you need

A degree in ML would help you boost up your skills but is not necessary. Learning ML has become much easier and more efficient through online courses. The thing that is important whether you have a degree or not is how much practice it is. ML requires a lot of practice and this can be done by solving various problems, test cases, increasing your skills, etc.

Salary and Companies

As ML has a growing demand given the boom in technology the salaries are also high, ranging from $65,000 to $130,000 and more. All the top tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. recruit ML experts.



Full Stack software developers are engineers who develop the algorithms, infrastructure of an application including the visible parts of a website. In short, they can do both front end and back end web development. They can solve both problems in the internal algorithms of a website and also the external appearance and functioning.

Skills Required

A Full-Stack developer should know the basic designing outlet of a server and also front-end development because any fault in the server would cause the website to crash. He should have knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby.

He should be able to manage huge databases and cache which requires the knowledge of MySQL, Oracle, etc.
The developer should also have the knowledge of Git which helps to track and update any changes made in the codes of the website.

What do you need

It is efficient and easy to become a Full Stack Developer provided you meet the above requirements. Taking an online course and learning as well as experimenting with it on simple databases would make you more efficient. But sufficient knowledge in programming languages and architecture and development of a website are most important.

Salaries and Companies

The salary of a full-stack developer could range from a median $46,000 to more than $110,000 per annum. A lot of online websites and top companies recruit full stack developers to enhance their websites.


Management Consultant is best paying jobs in finance

Management consultants assist companies by solving the internal problems of the companies related to finance, operations, business projects, etc. They are hired due to their logical thinking to provide solutions for specific problems by analyzing the internal workings of the company. They help the company remain stable and maintain good relations with their clients. Management Consultant is best paying jobs in finance

Skills Required

Management Consultants need to have the ability to analyze the internal workings of a company. They need to have logical and practical thinking Abilities. They also need to have leadership qualities and time management. They should also possess creativity and self- discipline to ensure the smooth running of the company.

What do you need

A Bachelor’s degree is a must and an MBA or Masters in Finance, Economy, Accounting, etc. might help you boost up your managing and problem-solving skills.

Salary and Companies

The average salary of a management consultant ranges from $45,000 to $90,000 or could be more. Companies such as Deloitte, EY, Accenture, etc. recruit consultants.



Blockchain Development has become trending in the market due to its efficiency. Due to this numerous job opportunities have also been provided. Blockchain developers are those who develop the architecture of a blockchain protocol (core blockchain developer) and build the core of websites using decentralized apps (software completely built on blockchains) to build websites similar to a web developer.

Skills Required

The blocking chain needs a basic and strong understanding of the design and working of the blockchain protocols. C++ is mostly used by developers but languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, etc. are also used.

What do you need

It is recommended to take a specialization course in Blockchain Development from universities as it helps in hands-on training with blockchains and increases creativity. Universities such as MIT, University of Buffalo, etc. provide specialized courses for this.

Salary and Companies

The demand for Blockchain Developers has increased over the past few years and also job opportunities. The average salary of a blockchain developer is approximately $70,000 and above. Not to mention, the top companies recruit blockchain developers and you can stand out if you have a unique skill set.


To conclude, all these are now the most write- highest paying careers worldwide and are in demand. All these skills and exposure would help solve problems and bring new solutions and technology to the world as we are in need of it. So those of you who are interested in coding, web development or managing and tackling problems these jobs might be suitable for you.

If you enjoy to read out Top 5 Good paying jobs list then share it with your friends and family and that person who already does the job from our Top 5 highest paying jobs list.

Any other jobs that pay well in your mind then share via comment.

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