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Social Media Guide: 5 Tips For Success on Twitter

Did you know that over 330 million people use Twitter every month? This microblogging giant is increasing in popularity and usage, making it a top marketing tool for users. If you are new to Twitter or you want to find out how to maximize your marketing potential for your current profile, now is the perfect time to learn more.

Success on Twitter

When it comes to social media marketing, using Twitter is essential. Check out our social media guide for 5 tips for success on Twitter.

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5 Tips For Success on Twitter

1. Give Your Twitter Profile a Makeover

Have you had the same old photo and bio for years? One of the first social media tips to try is to update your profile and content to reach a new audience and expand your reach. If you are developing a brand, make sure your profile reflects this and meshes with your target followers.

2. Connect With Your Followers

One of the key social media tips for any platform is, go interact with your audience! Take the time to comment, share, and engage with your followers (and find new ones, too). Keep the conversation alive online, and it will foster a virtual relationship that could have lasting results.

3. Use Twitter as a Resource

While you’re learning about Twitter, don’t forget to go to the source as a resource. It has a lot of how-to tips on Twitter Business, like how to do a Timeline Takeover. You can also learn about advertising and advertisers, plus conversation settings, how to craft the best tweets, and more.

4. Link to Your Website

If you have a website, one of the most obvious steps is to link it to your Twitter account. You can also post offers that link to your site, or share digital events that involve your business (like tutorials and workshops) to reach a broader audience.

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5. Get Info About Your Audience

One of the most-asked questions out there online is,¬†“How to See Who Viewed your Twitter Profile?”¬†Unfortunately, it’s not possible, so beware of any sites or applications giving false promises about that. However, you can find out stats and trends via the Twitter Analytics page.

Social Media Guide: Things To Avoid

Beware of Twitter trolls! There are legendary stories about faceless online stalkers stirring up trouble, so do not spend time or waste your energy going down that rabbit hole. If you find yourself in an online conflict, step away, and do not engage with the trolls.

With that in mind, you should also practice good Twitter etiquette and do not insult or harass other users. Don’t publicly complain about competitors or other industry professionals, too. It reflects badly on you and could damage your brand.

Ready to Rock Twitter?

Now that you’ve learned some tips on social media for beginners with this social media guide, you can expand your knowledge with practice. Get out there and revamp that profile, find new followers, and even become a social media influencer! The more you engage with your audience and learn about marketing and analytics, the more benefits you will find.

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