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How to Prevent Common Mistakes for E-Commerce Website 5 ways

How to Prevent Common Mistakes for E-Commerce Website

You Created an E-Commerce Website but you don’t have traffic then this article is for you How to Prevent Common Mistakes for E-Commerce Website.

Here I explain 5 Common Mistakes and How to get solutions.

You have a great idea to start your e-commerce website. It’s up and running, and you couldn’t be more proud. However, as the days pass by, you don’t see great conversions or have a high bounce rate. What went wrong?

This is the plight of many e-commerce websites nowadays when they fail to recognize the
basic mistakes they are making.

E-commerce is a competitive space where you will find numerous sites similar to yours selling the same kind of stuff as you do. So, how do you get more people to visit your website and make a purchase?

How to Prevent Common Mistakes for E-Commerce Website

Before thinking about what you can do, think about what you’re doing wrong. There are a few common mistakes that many e-commerce websites keep doing and it is high time to take a check if you are one among those.

Here are some of the common mistakes made by e-commerce businesses and ideas to save yourself from making the same.

How to Prevent Common Mistakes for E-Commerce Website

Mistake #1: Having an Unfriendly Website Design

You already know how competitive your market is. When your website isn’t pleasing to the eyes or when the prospect fails to find what they want in a short time, they wouldn’t think twice to leave your website.

After all, numerous others are waiting outside your door to make those leads theirs.


There is a common rule that if the website fails to generate interest within the first 15 seconds of the lead landing on the website, then you probably aren’t going to interest them after that. So, you have just 15 seconds to impress and retain the leads.

Invest considerably in web development and website optimization that makes it user-friendly. Perform tests with a subset of the target audience, get their feedback and work on them.

Have an easy-to-use website with clear navigations and simple checkout experience. An e-commerce website once created isn’t done. You should continuously keep tabs on it, analyze it and keep making improvements.

Mistake #2: Being the Do-It-All

During the initial stages, you may not have the proper budget to hire people with an adequate skill set to perform the functions.

Hence, it is natural for most business owners to do it all by themselves. However, that shouldn’t be the case even when your business is growing well.

Though doing it all by yourself would work initially when you had fewer responsibilities, as your business grows, you will be buried under a high volume of work.


As and when the need arises, hire skilled people who will dedicate their time to do the specific job. This will increase the efficiency of the work and bring in good revenue.

Mistake #3: Being Vague When Defining the Target Audience

Targeting the Right AUDIENCE

There couldn’t be anymore bigger mistake committed by an e-commerce company than this! When you don’t understand for whom your e-commerce business is for, then the battle is already lost there.

Every one of your sales pitch and marketing campaigns should point towards the targeted audience.

When you don’t have a clear idea of who they are, you are bound to miss it and all your efforts will go to waste.


When you start an e-commerce business, the first order of work is to perform proper research and find out to whom your products or service will cater to.

Create customer profiles supported by strong statistics which will be the reference point for product development, marketing, website optimization and many more.

Mistake #4: Insufficient Customer Support

For an e-commerce business, the customer is everything and that’s why customer support should be at the top of the priority list.

As the customers are used to the prompt and friendly customer support from the likes of Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce giants, they expect the same from your website too.

Anything less than that and they will feel undervalued and wouldn’t probably come back.


When you have gathered sufficient revenue, make sure to employ good customer support agents.

You can either outsource or use a couple of in-house employees to provide good and useful support to the customers through emails, calls and social media.

Mistake #5: Ignoring the SEO Strategies

If you are doing everything right and still not getting any traction as you expected, then it is because you haven’t optimized the website content for search engines.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of various on-site and offsite detailing that impacts your search engine ranking and affect your lead generation. SEO should be a part of your strategy from the time you start with website and content development.

There are few pointers that you should absolutely follow to have a good SEO score, like the inclusion of keywords that your target audience searches for, less loading time, simple website design, no large image or video elements and so on.

Ensure that your website follows these good SEO practices to rank well in the search engine results.


These are some of the most common and evident e-commerce website practices that are pulling your business down. Keep learning from other’s mistakes and constantly try to create a better version of the website.

Quickly rectify your mistakes and have an unwavering focus on the customers for your e-commerce business to succeed.

I try my best to explain How to Prevent Common Mistakes for E-Commerce Website, hope you like it.

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