5 Incredible Ideas In Designing a Marvel Fan’s Room

From the success of Avengers and other MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, it’s clear that many people grew up idolizing Marvel superheroes. Being a huge fan pushes some people to have the costumes and accessories of their favorite superheroes like Hulk, Iron man, Spiderman, Captain America, etc. Some people also collect small action figures of the superheroes and place them on glass furniture shelves for everyone to see.

Incredible Ideas In Designing a Marvel Fan’s Room

The very extraordinary thing a Marvel fan can do is to design his/her room with any marvel-inspired design. It would be heaven for a Marvel fan to see his/her room full of Marvel stickers, colors, marvel things from the desk to bed, etc. Once upon a time, we were all girls or boys that wanted to be superheroes. Decorating our rooms with marvel memorabilia makes us feel like we’re the superheroes now.

5 Incredible Ideas In Designing a Marvel Fan’s Room

  • Wallpapers Design

Better to choose your wallpaper design according to your favorite superhero, or to make it more relaxed, select them all. Put the large wallpaper on the back of your bed headboard. Also, there are 3D wallpapers available, like the Iron Man’s Hand, Captain America’s Shield, and Thor’s hammer LED night light wallpaper.

If you are more into comics, then you can choose the comics-style wallpaper for your wall. You can place it on the left and right corners of your room. Make sure that the colors of the things inside the cabin are ideal for your chosen wallpaper. The simple wallpaper will blend in more with the stuff you currently have inside your room. 

  • Accessories

For your study table, it is better to have a 2-3 Marvel framed picture on the wall precisely right in front of you. Also, it is good to have more Marvel accessories like a pencil holder, tumbler, lamp, etc. You can opt to use a white table to suit any shades of the accessories you will choose.

Also, if you are collecting small marvel action figures, place them on shelves beside your study table to make it more attractive. Having a look at your collection of Marvel action figures will make you feel more at ease, especially if something’s bothering you while you’re studying or thinking about something.

  • Bedsheets, Pillows, and Blankets

Usually, a marvel die-hard fan loves using a bedsheet with a marvel heroes print. If you like to use such a sheet, it would be better if you pick a simple shade of colors like blue, black, and red. A helpful tip to follow is to choose colors according to a superhero’s color or pattern. For example, if you like Black Panther, you can get black bed sheets with purple and golden accents. If you like Ironman, then you go for red, yellow, and white colors. 

For pillows and blankets, choose items that can function as a centerpiece. For example, if your bed has a Captain America theme, you can choose pillows that resemble his shield. For a blanket, you can get a blue blanket with a star in the middle to complete your theme.

  • Curtains, Rugs, and Carpets

Again, it would be better to choose curtains, rugs, and carpets according to the marvel hero you really like. If your wall has made use of a comic strip wallpaper, then you should choose colors that strike out from the wall. For example, most comic strip wallpapers are in black and white. To avoid everything from blending in with your wallpaper, you can choose red curtains, rugs, carpets, or any color that does not blend with black and white.

  • Versatile Furniture

You can also cover your furniture with comic-style wallpapers too. If you want a more conservative route, you can place stickers of your favorite heroes instead. If you can opt for customized furniture, then that would be even much better.

A good idea for a small table inside your room would be to design an ordinary, round wooden table. You can paint with blue, red, and white. For the final touches, you can put a star in the center of the round table. With those motifs, your table resembles Captain America’s shield.

For your dressers, you can also do claw marks and scratches. After adding these features, you can then put in an X or Wolverine’s name on the front of the dresser. Of course, any superhero logo works just, too. There are a ton of logos in the MCU, choose which one works for you. 

Finally, you can also get accessories and items that have MCU themes. You can buy Iron Man’s Helmet Night Light, which you can somehow feel that Iron Man is in your room. Using Marvel-themed items will only make your room look much better.


It’s normal for people to look up to superheroes even if they’re adults.  You really can’t deny that there’s a fandom for almost every MCU character, regardless if they’re a hero or a villain. For superfans of the MCU, it’s refreshing for them to see their room full of their favorite superheroes and actors/actresses.

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