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How Write Check: The Ultimate Guide To Writing A Check in 2020

Writing Check is Very Simple and Easy, But If you don’t know how write check or can’t remember the last time you did, then in this tutorial can help you understand how to write a check with cent.

In today’s digital world the number of checks paid declined by more than 50%, People used debit cards, direct deposit, quick pay programs, and online bill pay But checks can still be widely used for things like paying rent or bills.

how write check

How Write Check

Step1: Write Current Date

Write current Date in the check

Write the current date on the line at the top right-hand corner near the check number. The DD/MM/YYYY format is standard for most of the countries. you can also write postdate on a check, which means entering a future date.

Let’s say you got your salary on a particular date, you may want to submit your rent early but postdate your check. So recipient to wait before cashing or depositing the check.

Some states allow the bank or credit union should cash the check before the date. Confirm your state laws which one applies to you.

Step2: Write Payee Name

Write Payee name in the check

Write the name of the person receiving the payment in the PAY TO THE ORDER OF Line. This can be an individual, an organization, or a business.

For individuals to write Full Name because of fraud protection. This is not compulsory. You can write J Cena instead of John Cena. It is better to write the full name.

If you have no idea what to write or don’t know the exact name then you can write CASH, But this one risky. If your check is stolen or lost, then anyone can cash or deposit a check made out to cash.

It is better to know the exact details before writing in this section.

Step3: Write Amount in Numeric Form

Write Amount in numeric form in the check

Write the exact amount, using dollars and cents of your payment in the box on the right-hand side next to the recipient line.

If you want to Pay Thousand Dollar and fifty cents then Write “1000.50”. No need to add an extra $ Sign. Some people confused in the decimal section. so to avoid confusion, some people will write their cents as a fraction. Like “1000 50/100”.

Step4: Write Amount in Words Form

Write Amount in words in the check

On the line below Pay to the order of, write out the dollar amount in words form to match the numerical dollar amount you wrote in the box.

Most people ask how to write a check with cents? I explain to you with example.

For example, In the case of $1000.50, write Thousand Dollar and 50/100. or you can add “even” at the end of the amount so that no one adds more money to the amount. Like, Thousand Dollar and 50/100 even.

Step5: Write a Memo(Optional)

Write Memo in the check

This part is fully Optional, you can ignore it but it is helpful to remember for what purpose you write this check. If you are paying a check for a monthly electric bill or rent, you can write “Monthly Electric Bill” or “Monthly Rent” in the memo area.

Step6: Sign the Check

Write Signature in the check

Sign your name on the line at the bottom right corner of the check. Sign in the same way at the time of opening the bank account. without signature bank not accept your check.

That’s it. this way how write check.

How to Fill Check Register

After writing every check it is good to make a note in the check register. So, you easily track your spending, Know where your money goes, how many balances available.

Essential information write in the check register

  • you will record the check number, found in the top right corner of the check.
  • Write a description of the transaction
  • Note Date of the writing check
  • How much amount you pay
  • After a transaction, what is your new balance available

What is Routing Numbers, Account Numbers, and Check Numbers

Routing Numbers:- This is a nine-digit number is identifies your bank, where your checking/saving account is held.

Account Numbers:- This is your bank account number at the time of opening your Bank.

Check Numbers:- This is available in 2 places. This will helps you track the payment later if needed.

Don’t write anything above these numbers otherwise, your check is bounced or unable to process.


While in these digital days used of checks is reduced but you still need to know How to write a check, maybe help you in the near future. You can also write a check to yourself if there is no ATM available in the area. It is good to need it and it is very simple and easy to write a check.

Some People find difficulty writing cent in a check but I describe with an example hope you don’t find any difficulty.

If you like this post how write check then doesn’t forget to share with your friends and family. If you still find difficulty then ask via comment.

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