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How Website Is Created In 2020

Are you looking for How Website is Created? Create a website can be a terrifying thought specially when you do not come from a technical background. Don’t worry you are not alone, I am also not a techie. When I start my website I search for different websites and youtube videos but confused about which one I follow. That’s why I created this article Step by Step Guide of how website is created. Don’t worry it is very easy and simple to create.

How Website Is Created

Before Starts How Website is Created

Select a Niche for your Blog or Website

Select a Niche before Create a Website important because on this niche you write most of your article. How that Niche Profitable to you most. Choose a Niche that you Master then only you able to Deliver your Ideas to others. Niche blogs are easily monetized and they usually contain affiliate links. Niche blogs are mostly focused on a particular Market or Advertisements.

A Niche topic May it is Food, Travel, Fitness, Fashion, Finance, Education or simply about your business. Before Choose a Niche to ask yourself Are you a Master in something, Are you passionate about something, Are you learning something new and share it with others.

Here is an overview of all the steps we will walk you through in this guide

  • Choose a Blogging Platform
  • Choose a Domain Name
  • Choose a Web hosting
  • How to Instal WordPress
  • Find the right Theme
  • Create Pages and Post
  • Create a Navigation Menu
  • Install Plugins
  • Configure WordPress Settings

How Website Is Created

Step1: Choose a Blogging Platform

Before Choose Platform ask which is best for you Free Platform or Self Hosted Blogging Platform?

There are a lot of Free Blogging platforms like,,,, and many more.

But if you serious about your blog or want to grow your business and audience, then not choose a Free Blogging Platform. There are lots of Cons and Drawbacks of the Free Platform.

  • You Can’t easily Monetize your Blog
  • You Can’t Customize your Blog
  • You do not find a Professional Domain Name(, You can remove it. But it cost you more.
  • You Can’t control your Website

There are many website builders available like, but I suggest you create a website on a self-hosted blogging platform like

WordPress is one of the most website platforms in the world. There are more than 80 million active users on the internet.

Here is why to choose WordPress

  • It is free to use(Open source)
  • Easy to setup
  • Available thousand of Responsive Free and Paid Themes or Layout for design your website
  • Available thousand of Free and Paid Plugins or Add on
  • WordPress is being updated and improved regularly
  • A Massive support forum and Developer community available if you find any difficulty
  • You easily control your website

How much does WordPress Website cost You

It depends on what type of website you want to create. It is starting from $100 to more than $10,000 for buying Domain, Hosting, Theme, Plugin.

A Domain name(your website address like costs you $10/year(depend on extension), but I guide you how you got is free in this article.

A web hosting is hosted on your website which costs you $5/month.

In total it cost you from $60 to $100 per Year. You can refund your money minimum 30days money back (Depend on Web hosting) but you can’t refund your Domain Price. It is fixed for 1 year. After 1 year if you do not pay for your domain then your Domain is expired and available for others.

I suggest you start with small, once your blog grows you can invest more in Hosting, Plugins, and Themes.

Here I guide you on how website is created under $100.

Step2: Choose a Domain Name

A Domain name is your Website address on the Internet. Users will type in their browsers search bar or User search from Google, Bing, Yahoo to reach your website. (For Example like,,

Some Tips for choosing a domain name

  • Try to find .com, .org and .net domain extension(.com is most preferable)
  • A domain name is in between 15 characters is better(7 to 15 Character is Preferable)
  • Make sure it is easily memorable, type
  • It is easily Pronounce
  • A domain name is related to your Neich preferable
  • Avoid number and hyphens in your Domain(like, Avoid
  • Check if it is not already used or Trademarked
  • Use one or more keyword that related to your Neich

Check your Preferable Domain name available or not

Step3: Choose a Web hosting

After choosing a domain name, choosing a web hosting will be one of the most important decisions you make. Hosting is the service that puts your website up on the internet so everyone else can see it. It is the hardware of a computer.

Choose a web hosting that provides good uptime, good website load time, 24/7 customer service, affordable price, Provide good features for running your website.

Most of the web hosting companies provide service to register Domain. For a beginner, it is easy to buy and set up a domain and hosting from a single hosting provider for hassle-free management and maintenance. But that is not compulsory, you can buy domain and host from two different service providers.

I suggest Bluehost one of the leading web hosting provider in the world. WordPress and Most blogger experts suggest Bluehost to host a website.

You can check our Top 10 Best Host For Website

Bluehost features:-

  • Free Domain for 1 year( Save $10)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1 click WordPress Instal
  • Plan Starting from $3.95/month

First, visit the Bluehost website, then click Get Started.

bluehost website

After that, you land on the Pricing Page. Here you select a pricing plan for your Website.

bluehost pricing plan

Basic and plan are more popular. If you want more features then you can select the Choice Plus Plan. After select which plan is best for your website, click on Select.

create new domain

On the Next step, you’ll be asked to select a new domain name. Enter a domain name and select extension from the drop-down menu and click Next.

Sometimes your preferable domain name is available not. You also find some domain name cost is too high. These are Premium Domain.

If your domain is not available try different extension but most prefer .com, .org, and .net Domain extension is better.

If you already buy a domain then enter that domain on Use a domain you Won section and click Next.

bluehost account info

After choosing Domain name, Bluehost takes you on the Registration Page. Where you need to fill Name, Address, Email, Phone number.

bluehost package

Now select hosting plan duration. IF you check a 12-month plan looks very low but that’s is not right. If you calculate carefully 36-month plan is cheaper than the 12 month Plan. You saving a good amount of money.

Some extra features are also shown to buy but I suggest not to buy now. If you need them in the future then buy anytime.

After that enter your Payment details, checkmark terms, and condition. Then submit.

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with details on how to login to your web hosting control panel.

Step4: How to Install WordPress

instal wordpress from bluehost

Once you Buy Domain and Hosting, your almost 50% of work is done. Now you just install WordPress and configure it. Scroll down to the website section and click on Install WordPress. It is 1 click WordPress Install provided by Bluehost.

On the Step, you need to select the domain name where you want to install WordPress. Choose your domain from the dropdown list and then click Next.

After that, enter your website name, admin username, and a password for your website. You can note it anywhere. Through this Username and Password, you log in and managed WordPress Dashboard.

Then checkmark all boxes and click Install.

Your Installation is Start. You find some website templates for your website. Skip it. You can install some free themes later on. I cover it in this guide.

Once the installation is complete you see a success message. Then click Installation complete link.

Now you Successfully Created WordPress Website. On the next step configure your WordPress website.

Your WordPress login URL looks like

login wordpress

Login WordPress with your Username and Password.

Step5: Install Right Theme

Your Website look is important for Impress to a user. If a user finding difficult to read or navigate it, then the user leaves your website. It gives you a bad rating. It all depends on your Theme.

Thousand of Free and Paid Theme available for WordPress. Choose a Theme that is Mobile responsive because according to Google day by day Mobile users are increasing than the Desktop User.

wordpress theme install

After the WordPress website launched, a default theme is already installed. For change that Theme Click on Appearance, Themes then Add New.

select theme

On the Next Screen, you find more than 4000 free Themes available on WordPress directory. You can sort them by popular, the latest featured.

Note that you do not find all features on the free version, For all features, you need to buy their premium version.

You can Preview all theme, If you like a theme then click Install.

For Customize your Theme, Go to Appearance then Customize. You find different option depend on Theme but some basic option is the same.

Step6: Create Page and Post

Pages are like Static type of content like Home, About us, Contact us. Here you not change the information regularly. For Create New Page click on Page then Add New.

wordpress page createEnter Title of the Page, let’s say Home.

Then add content like text, links, image, videos, files in the text editor below the page title. After adding all content click on Publish.

You can repeat these steps for creating a new page.


create new post

To create a new post click on Posts then Add new.

Enter your Title, add content on the Text editor section. You can add 256MB size of files on WordPress. For this click on Add media and add from your storage.

Once your content is ready to published Add Tags, Category then click Publish.

Step7: Create Navigation Menu

create wordpress menu

For Create Navigation menu, Click on Appearance then Menus.

First, give a Menu name, it is helpful if you create multiple Menu. In a Menu, you Add created Pages, Posts, Templates, Custom Links, and Categories.

In general, peoples add Pages, Custom Links, and Categories in a Menu.

After selecting what you Add on Menu, Click on Save Menu. You can repeat steps for creating as many Menus on your Website.

Step8: Install Plugin

The plugin is Apps of your WordPress Website. They add more Features to your WordPress Website.

install wordpress Plugin

There are currently more than 49,000 free plugins available for WordPress. There are also paid plugins sold by third-party websites and developers.

After choosing a Plugin click on Instal Now. After that, click on Active.

You can Deactivate and Delete any Plugin if that Plugin not useful for your website.

You can install some useful Plugin for your website


  • Yoast Seo
  • Rankmath
  • All in One


  • Contact Form 7
  • WP Form


  • Analytify
  • Monsternights

Choose anyone from different Categories. There are lots of useful Plugins available, You can Instal as per your Website.

Step9: Configure WordPress Settings

General Settings

Wordpess general settings

To configure your General settings, click on Settings then click General.

Here you Edit Site Title, Tag Line(If you don’t have any Tag line then remove WordPress Default Tag line Just another WordPress site), WordPress address, Site address.

If you want to change the Email address then enter a New Email address and confirm with WordPress.

If you add new User for your Website set the Role of new User as a Subscriber or Author or Contributor or Editor or Administration.

After that Select Language, Timezone, Date format, Time Format, and Week Starts from. Then click on Save Changes.

Reading Settings

reading wordpress settings

Next most important settings for Index your website on Google. For this click on Settings then click Reading.

Make sure that the field labeled Discourage search engines from indexing this site remains unchecked, Otherwise, your website is not Index on Google.

If you create a Private or Office website for Personal use then you can be checked and click Save Changes.

Permalinks Settings

Permalinks wordpress settings

The permalinks settings define how WordPress will go about creating individual URLs – webpage addresses. For this Click on Settings then Permalinks.

Select Post name URL for SEO friendly and easy to Understand. After that, click Save Changes.


Creating a website is not difficult these days, Thanks to Self-hosted Platform WordPress. Here I Complete only basic Parts of the website create, After creating a website you submit website on Google Webmaster Tools and submit website on Bing Webmaster Tools, then create Google Analytics account for track who visits your website.

You can Create a Professional Logo from Logogarden and add to your website. If you do not like any theme then visit Envato Market for Professional Theme and Plugin.

I try my best to explain How Website is Created step by step process, I hope you love this. If you have found any difficulty then ask me via comment. If you find your solution then share it with your friends and family on social media.

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