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How to Youtube Video Upload in 6 Steps

How to Youtube Video Upload

Want to Share Video to friends through Youtube, but Don’t know How to Youtube Video Upload, then you are in right place. I explain Step by Step Process with Picture.

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Let’s start to Upload Video

How to Youtube Video Upload

First Visit Youtube and Sign in with your Gmail account

Click on Youtube Studio

click on youtube studio

After Sign-in Click on Youtube Studio.

Click on Upload Video

upload video

Now you are in Youtube studio Dashboard.

Click on Upload Video.

You find two Option Upload Video(beta) and Upload Video.

Upload Video(beta) is a new feature so click on Upload video(beta).

Select File

select file

Now its time to upload video from your computer, click on Select File.

Fill Basic info

video Details

Here is the need to enter Video Basic info.

Enter Titles, Video Description, then Choose Thumbnail or Upload Thumbnail.

Then Choose Uploaded video is For Kids or  Not.

After that Choose Uploaded video follows Age Restriction or Not.

Then Click on Next.

Fill Advanced Setting

advanced setting

Here choose Playlist, enter Tags(Mostly keyword), choose Language and Subtitles.

Then Choose Category, Licence.

After that click on Next

Preview and Published

preview and publish

Here you Publish Now or Schedule.

In Publish now section you find Public, Unlisted, and Private. As per your video select One.

In Schedule Section Set Date and Time. So Video Upload as per Your Date.

If you want to publish at that moment then click Publish.

how to youtube video upload

After Upload your Video on Youtube you Share videos on different Social Media by clicking different Social media icons or Share video links.


Here I explain Step by Step Process how to Youtube video Upload. I use to Upload Video through Youtube Beta Version but you can do it through Create Studio Classic.

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