How To Use Microsoft Excel Vlookup Function In 4 Steps

You want to Know How To Use Microsoft Excel Vlookup Function, then follow Step by Step Beginner Guide to Save your Time and Money.

What Is Excel Vlookup

VLOOKUP is a Microsoft Excel function to lookup and retrieves data from a specific Vertical column in a table. VLOOKUP works for both approximate and exact matching data in a Sheet.

Vlookup works almost every field like Stockmarket, Clients data, Office Use, Ecommerce Product and many more, where data are in numbers. If you know the Product name within a few minutes find Price using Vlookup.

How To Use Microsoft Excel Vlookup Function

Excel Vlookup Syntax

VLOOKUP( lookup_value, table_array, col_index_number, [range_lookup] )

lookup_vaule:- The value you want to search.

table_array:- Two or more columns of data that is sorted in ascending order.

col_index_number:- The column number in the table from which the matching value must be returned.

range_lookup:- It is two types. One is the Approximate match(True) and another is the Exact match(False). Choose as per you. If you choose nothing by default True is Select.

After knowing Excel Vlookup Syntax next thing knows one Example Excel Vlookup. So that you easily Understand.

How To Use Microsoft Excel Vlookup Function

I showing an example of the Stock Market Data

Select one Cell

select cell where you shown your data

Select one cell where you want to Vlookup formula to calculate and show your data.

Click Formula

click formula

After that click on Formulas.

Click on Lookup & Reference

click on lookup & reference then Vlookup

Next click on Lookup & Reference. Then Click VLOOKUP on Drop & Down Menu.

Enter Data

enter data as per syntax

Here enter data as per Syntax.

First select Value, which value you want. In this case, I want BPCL Price so choose A4.

Second select array, it is the range where data are retrieved. In this case, I choose A2: D9.

Thrid select Column, in which Column your data is available. In this case, I want Low Price, so choose 4.

Forth select Range, you want exact(False) value or Approximate(True) value, In this case, I want exact value, so choose False.

After that click Ok. You find that value.

Looks pretty simple and easy.

Hold On.

What you do if you want Multiple data at a time? 

In this case, If I want BPCl, IOC and MARUTI low price at a time.

write data you want in column wise

First Enter which Data value you want in Column wise. In this case BPCL, IOC, and MARUTI in Column wise.

choose value

Here you look carefully in Lookup_value, Previously you choose only one cell but here you choose multiple cells. In this case, I choose F2: F4.

Then fill value the same as previous, and click OK.

After Drag Down Autofill (“+”) option, then find your Value.

What you do if your data available on a different sheet?

Excel Vlookup another sheet

Everything is the same as only one change in the Table array.

Excel Vlookup another sheet

Here you find data from a different sheet, so in the Table array first select in which sheet your data is available then choose array as previous.

In this case, my data is available in data(2) (sheet name) then the array.

After that, every process is same.


I describe step by step process How To Use Microsoft Excel Vlookup Function in different conditions.

If you have any questions or suggestion then comment below.

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