How to Submit Website On Google Webmaster Tools in 4 Steps


You have a Website and want to know that How to Submit Website On Google Webmaster Tools, then you are in the right place. I explain you step by step Process.

If you do not submit your website on Google Webmaster Tools then whatever you post you write that not available Google Search Engine.

Before Submit Website first, you must have a Google Account.

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How to Submit Website On Google Webmaster Tools

Visit Google Webmaster Tools


How to Submit Website On Google Webmaster Tools

First Visit Google Webmaster tools. Then Click on Search Console.

Enter the Website URL

enter website url

After that, You need to sign in with Google account.

Then Copy your Website URL, Paste On URL prefix and Click Continue.

Verify Ownership

verify ownership

Here need to Verify the website owner is you or not.

There is 5 Method to verify, you only need one method to verify it.

In the HTML File method, first download HTML file then Sign in your cPanel or Plesk and Upload it. after Upload file click on Verify.

In the HTML Tag method, Copy the meta tag, and paste it into your site’s home page. It should go in the <head>¬†section, before the first¬†<body> section.

If you Using WordPress then Use Insert Headers and Footers Plugin and Paste HTML Tag in header section then verify It.

In the Google Analytics method, If you already create a Google Analytics account and submit your website then nothing to do. simply click Verify.

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I suggest HTML File or Google Analytics method is best for Verify Ownership.

After verifying click on Done.


Then add Sitemap URL and click Submit. You manually add a Website URL or Post URL on the URL Inspection section.


I Explain to you How to Submit Website On Google Webmaster Tools and how to verify it. It is Important to Create Google Webmaster Tools because Google widely uses Search engine in the world.

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