How to Submit Website on Bing Webmaster Tools in 3 Steps

Want to get Traffic from Bing Search Engine but Don’t know How to Submit Website on Bing Webmaster Tools, Then follow below steps by steps process.

Bing provides a good number of Users after Google to your Website. so it is a good decision to submit your website on Bing Webmaster Tools.

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How to Submit Website on Bing Webmaster Tools

Sign up Bing Webmaster Tools

How to Submit Website on Bing Webmaster Tools

First Visit Bing Webmaster Tools and click on Sign Up.

Now you have three Options to Sign in. One is a Google Account or Microsoft Account or Facebook Account.

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Choose anyone and sign in.

Add your Website

Now you are on Bing Webmaster Tools Dashboard. You have two options to Add. One is Add a Site or Import from Google Search Console.

Add a Site

add a site

Enter your Website URL and click ADD.

enter about your website

Fill details about your Website. Enter Sitemap URL, Personal Details, Industry type, and Country. Then click Save.

Need to Verify your Website. There are four methods.

In the DNS Auto Verification method Click Verify and Sign-in to Plesk/cPanel to complete site verification.

Place an XML File method, first download BingSiteAuth.xml file and upload on your Plesk/cPanel then click Verify.

Copy and Paste a <meta> tag method, You add a <meta> tag containing the authentication code to the <head> section of your default webpage.

If you using WordPress use Insert Headers and Footers Plugin and add meta tag on the header section.

I suggest the first two methods are good and easy for verification.

Import from Google Search Console

google search console import

Use this method if you already create Google Webmaster tools and already verify your Website. Then click IMPORT.

After that Sign in with Google account, you use to Create Google webmaster tools for this Website.

allow access to bing for using google account

Here Allow to Access to Bing to collect data from Google Search Console.

Then Bing collects data from Google Search Console.


I explain to you How to Submit Website on Bing Webmaster Tools. For verification Import from Google Search console is best because of no need to download XML file or paste the meta tag. You already did it.

I hope my explanation you like. If you have any questions comment below otherwise share it.

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