How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Polluted Cities

Are your next Travel trip to a Polluted city then you must know How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Polluted Cities before the visit that city. and follow a few steps on air pollution solutions during Travelling.

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Polluted Cities

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Polluted Cities

Travel is one of the great, worthy experiences you can do in life. It broadens your horizons and teaches you a good many things, not the least among them the ability to see things from a different perspective.

But with travel comes risks: do you want to sacrifice your lungs and your health for that knowledge?

Sadly the increased tourism at popular travel spots also means an increase in people density and in most cases an increase in urbanization. That translates to more pollution, which can affect your health in many ways.

Our bodies are already strained from the travel itself, which puts on more stress than most people realize. Coupled with a change in the environment and dirty air, it is the recipe for a poor health response.

A study from Sweden has found a link between frequent travel and decreased health and well-being. It’s even more problematic when your destinations aren’t known for sanitary conditions and cleanliness.

There is a strong correlation between frequent travelers and high rates of infection or disease.

What are the things you can do to stay healthy while traveling to faraway cities?

Get a lot of Sleep

Get a lot of Sleep

perhaps the most overlooked but important solution, the most important thing is to ensure your body gets enough rest. During travel, we feel pressured to do as much as we can because our time is limited, but this can have devastating effects on your health.

Exhaustion compounds the weakening of your system, and not sleeping enough prevents your body from cleaning up and expelling the toxins you built up during the day. Always do your best to get a good night’s rest. Jet lag is a reality but you have to do your best to put in the sleep quota.

Take a Good Shower at the Hotel

Take a Good Shower at the Hotel

This isn’t just a matter of smelling good. Particulates from the bad air throughout the day will settle on your skin and manifest themselves as airborne pollutants wherever you’re staying at.

It’s imperative to get a good shower with a good scrub to wash away these toxins lest you end up sleeping in a room with lots of pollutants carried in from outside.

Use Face Masks

Use Face Masks

The next important thing to consider is the ambient air pollution in the city you are traveling to. The most polluted country in the world like Pakistan, Qatar, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, India, China are terrible places for air pollution, and it’s often unavoidable that you go out into the city going about your business.

 Don’t shy away from fashion and make use of N95 face masks to protect yourself from the pollution. Be sure to get an N95 mask as these have the proper filters to screen out harmful chemicals, particulate matter and even tiny microbes like viruses and bacteria that can really put a wrench in your health.

Book appropriate Transport Accommodations

It may be tempting to go out for a walk to see the local scenery, but in a polluted city, this might be a luxury you can’t afford. Avoid exposure to the open air as much as possible, and hopefully, most of your business happens indoors in air-conditioned rooms. Make use of air-conditioned taxis and Ubers to get around the city while in transit.


Traveling is something that we tend to idealize and romanticize, but we also need to be prescient about the dangers of travel. Temper that enthusiasm with some good old common sense, and take the steps necessary to safeguard your health. You’ll be thankful you did a decade or two down the line.

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