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How to Screenshot Top 2 simple method

How to Screenshot

You got all Solution related How to Screenshot on Mac, How to Screenshot on Windows, How to Screenshot on Chromebook, How to Screenshot on Android device, How to Screenshot on iPhone

How to Screenshot on Mac

If you want to take Screenshot on Mac for Entire Screen then Press Command and Shift and 3.

If you want to take Screenshot on Mac for Specific area then Press Command and Shift and 4. You Select area through Mouse.

If you want to take Screenshot on MacBook Pro then Press Command and Shift and Press 6.

If you want to save Screenshot on Clipboard and paste it any document or Image then Press control and any method mention above, Now Screenshot in the Clipboard, then press Command and press V(Whichever Document or image you want to paste)

How to Screenshot on Windows

There are two methods where you can take a Screenshot on Windows.

Method 1:-

How to Screenshot on Entire Windows

how to screenshot

I take a Screenshot of the homepage of my Website with Press Alt and Prnt Scrn.

Remember its save on Clipboard(Invisible).

To Paste this Screenshot open Paint Press Ctrl and V.

How to Screenshot on Specific Area

how to screenshot 2

For taking a Screenshot on Specific area you need to press Windows Key and Shift key and S.

In this case, Screenshot also copies in Clipboard(Invisible).

Use Paint to Paste Screenshot Press Ctrl and V.

Method 2:-

Using the Snipping Tool

how to screenshot 3

Snipping Tool is a dedicated Tool for taking Screenshot on Windows.

Open Snipping Tool and Click on New, select which part of Screen you want to capture through mouse and Paste it click Ctrl and  S.

How to Screenshot on Chromebook

For Screenshot on Chromebook Press Ctrl and F5.

For Screenshot on Chromebook Specific area Press Ctrl and Shift and F5.

How to Screenshot on Android device

Hold the Power button and Volume Down key at a time for some seconds.

Your device captures the entire screen and its save on your device Gallery.

If you are not able to take a screenshot then some android apps available on Playstore.

I do not recommodate any app but you check here Screenshot android App

How to Screenshot on iPhone

If you need to take a Screenshot on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch then Press and Release Sleep/Wake key and Volume up.

If the first method is not working then try this one, Press and Release Sleep/Wake and Home.

Screenshot save in the Photos app.


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