How to Plan the Perfect Disney Vacation

Are you taking your loved ones to Disney this year?

Going to the Happiest Place on Earth is an unforgettable experience but it could get marred with long lines, instances of getting lost, or not being able to reserve dinner. You’ll need to do a bit of Disney vacation planning to guarantee a fun time.

How to Plan the Perfect Disney Vacation

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin. We’ve got the best tips right here for you to follow. Keep on reading to learn more:

How to Plan the Perfect Disney Vacation

Know the Parks

The first step when learning how to plan a Disney vacation is to know your destination. Know the different parks and the different Disney destinations.

If you’re going to Disney World, keep in mind there are four major parks and two water parks. There are two major parks in Disneyland. Both of them feature tons of resorts and minor attractions like golf courses and shopping centers.

Most people prioritize Disney World because of the iconic landmarks: EPCOT, the castle at Magic Kingdom, and places in Hollywood Studios that celebrate movies like Toy Story and Star Wars. Know where you’ll go, what time they accept visitors or when each show starts, and plan your route to each destination.

In fact, knowing your route is going to be the next major point to tackle when planning your Disney vacation.

Know Your Way Around

When you plan your Disney vacation, make it a point to plan your transportation too. Yes, EPCOT and Magic Kingdom might look relatively close on a map but it can still take you an hour to get from one to the other. You have to wait in line for a ride, go through security, walk a bit, and finish other entrance procedures before you can carry on.

Disney parks feature multiple modes of transportation. There are walkways for people who go around on foot. You can call for a Minnie Van using the Lyft app or you can try the monorails.

Book Your Stay in Advance

As soon as you can, book your stay early. If you can schedule your stay 30 or even 60 days ahead, do so. This eliminates the hassle of finding a place while you’re on the road.

Looking for ways on how to plan an affordable Disney vacation? There are multiple options available but the best shot is to get either a budget hotel accommodation within the park. There are mid-tier and deluxe hotels as well.

If you want a more private and luxurious stay, it’s best to sign up for the Disney Vacation Club. This guarantees you a high-end stay. You can shop confirmed reservations here.

Advance Dining Reservations

Did you know one of the most difficult parts of Disney vacation planning is scheduling your meals?

With the thousands of people visiting Disney parks, it’ll always be a struggle to reserve dining. Fortunately, you can book dining in advance. Disney offers a service called ADR, which stands for Advance Dining Reservations.

Before the pandemic, you could book dining up to 60 days ahead. Now, however, this was cut down to only 30 days and you’ll have to agree to the stricter social distancing regulations.

Take Advantage of FastPass Plus

Magic Kingdom alone can see up to 19,000 people on a single weekend. Sure, those numbers dwindled due to the pandemic but you can still expect thousands of people and long lines. The good news is you can skip some of those long lines!

All you need is the FastPass Plus subscription. After paying for it, you get a special card or wristband that grants you several bonus perks. Among these perks is the ability to skip a few lines per day and better digital ticket purchasing deals.

However, this option isn’t available due to the pandemic. Make sure to keep an eye out for its return and take advantage of it as soon as you can. Using it as a ticket and skip long lines can reduce the hassle during your stay in a Disney park.

It’s Impossible to See Everything

Keep one thing in mind when Disney vacation planning: you won’t be able to see everything. Disneyland in California is 500 acres and covers two individual parks. It’s big and it could take you more than a week to experience everything.

Disney World, on the other hand, is simply impossible to completely explore. It covers four parks, two water parks, shopping districts, and more. It’s approximately 27,000 acres or 43 square miles and that’s bigger than the island of Manhattan.

Instead of trying to see everything, list down the main attractions, events, rides, and districts you want to visit. Schedule these in a way to reduce foot traffic. This guarantees you’ll spend more time having fun than going to and fro different destinations.

Get the My Disney Experience App

The most important step when learning how to plan a Disney World vacation is to get the My Disney Experience mobile app. Using the app, you can buy tickets online, check the schedule of different rides and transportation, and look up restaurant menus.

Without a doubt, the app is going to be your main tool to check reservations, schedules, and waiting times. You’ll need to make advance payments and get tickets. It’s your best portal for updates too.

Try Out These Disney Vacation Planning Secrets Today

Disney vacation planning isn’t as difficult as some might assume. It’s a little bit daunting but still achievable with a little research and with the right tools, like the My Disney Experience app or a DVC membership. Simply follow these tips here to reduce the stress of planning and to get the results you need and want to enjoy your vacation.

But why stop planning here?

If you want to learn more vacation tips or gain in-depth insight on things like the Disney Vacation Club, we invite you to continue going through our other travel and lifestyle guides. Read more of our posts today to get all the useful tips and tricks you need!

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