How to Place Google Adsense Ads On Website in 2 Method

You Got your Google Adsense Approval and want Earn Money But don’t know How to Place Google Adsense Ads On Website then you are in right place.

After Google Adsense Approval Adsense Provide some Ads Code, That Code Copy and Paste to Your Website so that any Visitor Click On this Ads and you Earn Money.

How to Place Google Adsense Ads On Website

But the Probleme is Where to Place Ads and Which Ads So you Got Maximum Benefits.

First I explain to create Ads Code then insert code on a website.

How to Create Ads Code in Google Adsense

Google Adsense login

Google Adsense login

First Google Adsense Login with your Userid and Password.

After that Click on Ads then Overview and Click on BY AD UNIT

Create New ad Unit

In General three Types ads Present in Google Adsense. Once your Website Grow and Old Google Adsense provide you other Ads.

Display ads

Display ads

Display ads are the most recommended ads Unit in Google Adsense.

Give your ad unit a name. I suggest using a unique, descriptive name to help you find your ad unit later.

In the “Ad size” section, choose the size of the ads that you’d like to show. You find two Options responsive and Fixed.

Responsive ads are fit any of the Devices so visible to all Users.

In Fixed ads, you fixed your ads as per your website placement. Some ads are good to display on the computer but may not find ads in Mobile Devices.

After Choosing Ad size then choose between Square, Horizontal and Vertical.

Then click Create

You got your HTML code and click on Done

In-Feed Ads

In feed is the content appears in similar-looking blocks that repeat one after the other. look at my website homepage and news website.

Not Every Website support In-Feed Ads So check its work or not.

in feed ads search

You find two Options in the First one its check you support In Feeds ads or not and Suggest.

In second one you can create manually ad style.

Enter your Website URL, Choose Desktop or Mobile and Click Scan the Page.

If your Website Supports it then Enters Ads unit name, and click on Save and Get Code.

In article Ad

You may see some website show Ads in Between the Post. These Ads are In article Ads or Display Ads.

In article Ads are more CPC than Display Ads, So it is best to Use for the boost your Revenue.

in article ad

Enter Ad Unit name, and Click Save and get code.

You got different Ad units now its time to place in the Website.

How to Place Google Adsense Ads On Website

Placing Ads also important if you place more Ads or Wrong Ads on Wrong Place then your Visitor not Satisfy and leave your Website without reading your article.

If you using WordPress then I explain different location for the show Ads


sidebar ads

First, go to Appearance then Widgets.

Here you find Sidebar, Some Website Theme provides two sidebars or Single.

Drag and Drop Custom HTML to Sidebar.

Then Copy Display Ads code and Paste on Custom HTML(Content).

After that click on Saved and Done.

In Between Post

ads in between post

Whenever you want to Show Ads in Between the Post then go to Text and Copy Google Adsense In-Display Ads and/or In article Ads Code and Paste It.

Ads are showing on your Website.

It’s Pretty Boring and Irritating work Copy and Paste Code on Every Post. So It is Best to Use Plugin.

How to Place Google Adsense Ads on website through Plugin Ad Inserter

Insert/Upload Ad Inserter and Active Ad Inserter In your WordPress.

Ad inserter insert Ads

First, open Ad Inserter and Copy Google Adsense Code and Pasted It.

Then Tick Where you want to show your Ads.

After that Click on Insertion, You find a number of different places where you want to Place your Ads. Select One.

Choose Alignment and Click On Save Setting.

Done, Now no need to doing the same thing all the time.

5 Highest Performing Google AdSense Banner Sizes

Here I Suggest Top 7 Highest Performing Google Adsense Banner Sizes so easily show visitors you got more clicks and increase revenue.

Medium Rectangular(300*250)

This ad format supports both display/text ads, and it can also be used on mobile layouts.

You used it anyplace but in the best place to Placed on Sidebar.


This Ad is Better to Placed on Website Header.

It supports both text and image ad formats but doesn’t support mobile ads.

Half Page aka Large Skyscraper (300*600)

Large Skyscraper is a wide vertical banner, It is becoming more popular among publishers because it tends to give more exposure for brands.

You can place the large skyscraper in the sidebar.

Mobile Banner (320*100)

The mobile banner is a mobile ad format, It is Only for Mobile Device.

Ideally, it works best when placed on top just below the header.

Mobile Leaderboard (320*50)

The mobile leaderboard is half in height compared to the large mobile banner ad format.


Here I explain how to Create Ads Unit On Google Adsense and also Explain how to place Google Adsense Ads On Website.

Next, explain Step by Step Process how to place Google Adsense Ads On Website through Ad inserter Plugin and Manually.

But My suggestion is Use Ad inserter Plugin because easy to use and also helpful to insert  Affiliate link. Use Pro version for More Features.

After that suggest 5 Best Banner size for Your Website.

Since mobile traffic makes up a good chunk of users for most websites, Mobile ad banner format gets a better revenue.

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