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How To Master The Delivery Process Of Products In 5 Steps

You have an eCommerce Website, 1000+ product delivery per month and want to know How To Master The Delivery Process Of Products. Then this article is for you.

If you think about starting a new business and one of the aspects is product delivery, then you need to know how this process goes and all the documentation you are going to need.

How To Master The Delivery Process Of Products

Even if you are only curious about the process, it is still essential to know the details in order to provide a great Product delivery service to your customers. Therefore, here is the list of all the important info on delivery.

How To Master The Delivery Process Of Products

Step1: The customer buys

The customer buys

The first step to begin the delivery process is once the purchase made by the buyer is completed. Once they submit the goods acceptance order document electronically, the sales manager needs to start the proves of delivering the goods.

The goods acceptance order usually contains the description and quantity of the goods purchased, description of the delivery method (which can be a courier or postal consignment), the delivery date, delivery number, shipping note number, and an integrated form labels attached on the parcel.

Step2: Respecting the delivery period

Respecting the delivery period

One thing that irritates the customer a lot is lying about the delivery period. And usually, when the goods are not delivered on time, this is a reason plus the customer to leave a bad review about the company.

So, the company must deliver the goods at the time specified by the person who made the purchase according to the info in the delivery note.

Used corrugated boxes for Product Delivery because of strength, durability, lightness, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness. Due to the quality and safety of packaging items in corrugated boxes, they are used widely in the Product Delivery Business.

Step3: Unloading the delivery

Unloading the delivery is a process that completes the verification of the products. Afterward, a CMR document is signed that everything is in order.

Step4: Checking about discrepancies

Checking about discrepancies

A detailed check is made to make sure there are no differences between the delivered product and the delivery note. In case there is, the receiver of the goods must immediately fill out a form or notify the seller that something is wrong.

Step5: A list of the necessary documents

For a smooth delivery process, five types of documents are needed.

  • Bulk Delivery Ticket which provides instructions about the delivery and gives specifications about which the customer expects bulk products and quantities. This document is also used as a valid proof of transferring the ownership of the product to the customer.
  • Bulk Invoice is a document that provides the same information as the bulk delivery ticket but also shows the product price, tax and other charges that might apply.
  • Packaged Delivery Ticket is the same document as the bulk delivery ticket with the difference that it is not about buying in bulk but for a package.
  • Packaged Invoice – Same as the Bulk Invoice with the difference that it is used for packages, but it also shows the product price, tax, and other additional charges that might apply.
  • Integrated form labels used as delivery docket documents are given to the receiver of the products and contain the basic information about the purchase along with the delivery notes and addresses as well as the person for contact.


Deliveries are an important part of doing business and satisfying a customer. If the company is small and cannot spend money on having a personal delivery service, then making a contract with a reliable delivery company is a must.

Sometimes regardless of the quality of the product and the service of the customer support of the company where the product is purchased, the customer can be very dissatisfied only because the product delivered later than expected. And in cases this product is intended for a particular occasion or to be given as a gift – that right there is whole negative feedback.

I try to explain to you How To Master The Delivery Process Of Products, I hope you like it. If yes then share with your friends on Social Media.

If you have any question or suggestion then comment below, I try to answer your question.

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