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How To Make Facebook Private In 2 Steps

Are you Searching How To Make Facebook Private, then this article guide you step by step Process. so you find your satisfy solution.

Facebook is one of the Biggest Social Media platforms where you share your information, Photos, phone number, your Adress and many more.

How To Make Facebook Private

Cyber Crime also increase day by day, it is better to save your data from Scammers.

Let’s start to learn how to make your facebook private

How To Make Facebook Private

First Open Facebook and Facebook Login in your Email/Phone number and Password.

Tap on Facebook Setting

tap on facebook setting

After Facebook Login Tap on Down arrow, then click on Settings.

Click on Privacy

click on facebook privacy

After that click on Privacy.

Here Facebook allows you to change your Privacy Settings. You can Edit your Privacy on Your Activity and How People Find and Contact You.

change privacy setting

To Change your Privacy click Edit Option on the right side of every section.

Then click Only me or any option under Who should see this?

How to make facebook page private

If you have Facebook Page and you want to make it Private then continue to read this article. People create a Facebook Page for sharing Pictures, Knowledge, Videos and Many more.

So Frankly speak facebook page is not for Private use it is for Public. Obviously you share anything for Public. But some settings you can be thinking for private or provide some restriction.

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How to Put Restriction on Facebook Page

Here I explain Put country Restriction and age Restriction.

country restriction and age restriction

First, go to your Facebook page and click on Settings.

In the General section, you find Country Restrictions. Click Edit.

enter country you want to restrict

Enter Country you want to Restrict, then choose between Only show this Page to viewers in these countries or Hide this Page from viewers in these countries. and click Save changes.

select age restriction

Here select minimum Age for views your Facebook Page Post. then click Save changes.

How to Restrict on Page Visibility

How to Restrict on Page Visibility

Publishing your Page makes it visible to the public. If you check unpublish, it will only be seen by people with a role on the Page.

Select Page Unpublished and Save Changes.

How to Restrict on Page Moderation

How to Restrict on Page Moderation

Some times your competitors try to damage your Facebook Page Reputation. So they Post Abuse Word on the comment section or Post scam article on your Facebook Page.

So you Add that word or write on .csv file and Upload it. Then click Save Changes.


I try to explain How To Make Facebook Private and also explain how to make your facebook page private. 

I hope you find your solution. If yes then share with your friends on Social Media.

If you have any Questions or Suggestion then comment below I try to answer it.

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