How to Impress Egyptian Men

Dating someone from another country sounds fun and exciting. It feels like a whirlwind romance and the fantasy most of us see in movies or read in books. You know, that dream of meeting someone in an extraordinary place, falling madly in love, and living happily ever after.

Egyptian bachelors, in particular, are incredible life and love partners, and someone who found love in the country could attest to that. But they will also tell you that the relationship wasn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies, at least not at the onset. Thankfully, studying their partners’ culture, experience, and a bag load of patience made life easier.

To help sway your Egyptian dreamboat, we prepared below Egypt’s dating cultures and norms. We also added some golden dating tips that will surely make them fall madly in love with you, too!

Culture and Norms in Egypt


Egypt is a predominantly collectivist society, and family is its significant component. Hence, folks in Egypt put family—immediate and extended—above all else. They hold high regard for their family’s decisions, opinions, and needs. 

Everyone in the family was also involved in the younger generations’ decision-making. With this, everyone’s opinions were respected and listened to with esteem. Elders before were the younger ones’ decision-makers—be it about love or career matters.

Given the importance of traditional family values, communal living and sharing are widespread in Egyptian culture.

Nonetheless, in present-day Egypt, younger men and women still consider their elders’ opinions. Although they still make sure to attend to everyone’s needs, they only allow their immediate families to get involved in their struggles now. The younger generations in Egypt still seek love advice, but they will follow what their heart says at the end of the day.


In terms of dating and marriage, in more traditional Egyptian households, arranged unions between the heads of families were popular. Endogamous arranged marriages were common—a custom of enjoining one to marry within the same age group, social class, and religion. Most often, couples in the situation have little say in the matter.

Today, young adults in Egypt have gradually developed a modern Western mindset. Individuals get to decide over whom they wish to marry. But, modern marriages still entail negotiation between family members.

Instead of arranged marriages, men and women now tap their favorite online dating sites to look for a friend. And we say ‘friend’ because even today, many Egyptians aren’t allowed to get into a relationship before marriage.

Most Egyptians are Muslims, and their religion prohibits dating or even casual friendships between men and women. Hence, purity is essential in Egypt, even in these modern times where younger generations are becoming more liberal.

How to Impress Egyptian Men

Now for the fun part! Let’s talk about the things that Egyptian men love and the acts that tick them off.

How to Impress Egyptian Men

Here are 7 easy steps to Impress Egyptian Men:-

1. Learn Egypt’s national language

Many Egyptians understand English, but only a few locals are fluent. Hence, take the extra steps by studying the country’s language.

Cute intentions often get lost in translation, and studying the Egyptian language helps make sure miscommunications don’t happen often. Doing the extra mile—so you understand each other better—will also flatter any Egyptian guy.

2. Respect his cultural or religious beliefs 

Men in Egypt tend to hold incredible pride in their country’s culture, religion, and overall history. That’s for a good reason, of course.

Egypt boasts a rich history, with picture-perfect landmarks and incredibly built architectural structures to show for it. As such, explaining your dislike over anything about their country will piss them off—you don’t want that!

Despite the things you find appalling in Egypt, be sure to keep it to yourself. Learn to respect their love for the country and its history. You could also do a friendly talk about it. Nevertheless, keep the conversation calm and pleasant.

3. Have an open mind

While you’re learning to keep a respectful relationship with an Egyptian guy, try to keep an open mind as well.

Being in an interethnic relationship means a fusion of diverse cultures. With that, be willing to let go of prejudices and be adaptable. While some cultural differences between you two may be funny, most things might be irritating. As such, communicate well and have an understanding mind at all times. 

4. Laugh at his jokes

Everyone wants a mate with a good sense of humor, so show your Egyptian date your fun and quirky side. They’ll enjoy being around people who make them laugh.

In turn, learn to laugh at his jokes—it’s an excellent way to get his attention, too! Anyway, it’s easy to find someone funny, especially if it’s someone you like. 

5. Have Meaningful and Intelligent Conversations With Him

While laughter helps break down any wall, sharing something meaningful can help keep the bond closer. Hence, talk about the things that matter to you. You could also strike up conversations with him on a variety of issues.

It isn’t easy to open up, and we know that. If there are topics that will open a can of worms, pull up the lid slowly. Whatever you do, explain to them how crucial that issue is and make them see your point. Without a doubt, they’ll understand you completely.

6. Look your best

You don’t have to lose 15 pounds, dye your hair, or shop for luxury clothes to impress any Egyptian guy. But, you should at least look nice outside. Every time you go out to see him, dress nicely and make sure you look presentable.

However, beauty isn’t only skin deep. Each time you go out with an Egyptian guy, be sure to look light and cheerful. Your posh dress and newly-dyed hair can’t help you if they feel a negative aura about you.

6. Small gestures make all the difference

In any relationship, regardless of cultural background, small gestures make all the difference. 

Small gestures make all the difference

If you can’t see your Egyptian date any time soon, send him a text letting him know that you’re thinking about him during the day. You could also put a cute post-it note beside his breakfast or on his work desk. Or, you could send him a random gift and say, “because you’re so cute today.”

Stay in love and have fun!

The notes and helpful guides above are accounts from men who have dated, are currently dating, or are married to their modern Egyptian princes. They are stereotypical accounts on some points, but they are accurate to many extents.

The Egyptian characteristics above may be real-life narratives, but what works for them—those that dated men in the country—may not exactly work for you. Hence, it’s always imperative to see your Egyptian date with a grain of salt. 

We hope we have helped you have an exciting and beautiful first date or relationship with an Egyptian dreamboat. Loosen up and have fun, yeah? For more helpful guides on how to date an Egyptian single, visit TrulyAfrican today!

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