How to Google History Delete


Want to Know How to Google History Delete, Then I explain you Step by Step Process On different web browser Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge.

Sometimes your Family Members or Friends want to know what You search on Google. So it is better to Delete Google History.

How to Google History Delete on Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and click on Customize and Control Google Chrome(3 Dots).

Then Go to History.


Ctrl+H(Widows )

⌘ + ] or ⌘ + Right arrow(Mac)

How to Google History Delete

After that Select Which Search Result you want to Delete, then click Delete.

How to Google History Delete on Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge delete browsing history

Open Microsoft Edge click on Setting and More(3 Dots).

After that Go to Setting then Click Choose what to Clear.

Then Tick Browsing History and click Clear.

How to Google History Delete on Opera Mini

opera mini browsing history delete

Open Opera Mini click Customize and Control Opera.

After that click History, then Clear Browsing Data.

Tick mark on Browsing history and click Clear data.

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