How to get Australian Visa For UK Citizens

If you are a citizen of the UK and you’re next destination is Australia, then in this article I guide you How to get Australian Visa and also give you support with your legal paper works to your destination. Here you’ll find all the necessary information about

  • How to get Australia visa from the UK
  • What is the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA
  • How to apply for ETA or e-Visa
  • Requirements for the e-Visa

How to get Australian Visa For UK Citizens

What is an E-Visa for UK Citizens?

First of all, to be specific, there are two kinds of visas. One of them is the old, traditional standard visa and the other once is an electronic visa or the e-visa. Both the visa mentioned above serves the purpose of giving a valid and LEGAL entry to Australia.

Both these visas are accepted as traveling papers or documents and have the same time validity. The process of application for the visa is the only thing that differentiates these visas. A very good advantage of this electronic visa is that it can be obtained with less time when you compare it to the traditional standard one.

The electronic or e-visa will be linked electronically to your passport. Being a citizen of the UK you can apply for your ( Australia visa UK ) when you are at the airport or also from an online travel agent.

How to apply online for Australia visas by UK citizens?

Firstly, the best feature of the electronic visa is that it only takes a few hours to get ready by the Australian visa service. Here is a simple tip that would help you apply online for your electronics or e-visa.

  1. Go to any online travel agent website of the Australian government website and click on “Apply
    for an ETA Visa”.
  2. Then, you will have to fill up the necessary information that the online application form asks from you. Make sure that you fill ALL the needed information.
  3. Go through the information that are stated and accept it.
  4. Wait for the approval.
  5. Make the payment for e-visa through the mentioned payment methods of the website you are using to apply online for your Australia visa UK.

However, you should keep in mind that according to the Australian Visa Service, the online application that you did could be APPROVED or DENIED within a few seconds. So be very careful while filling up the online application and use the ORIGINAL information only. It is also very important to keep a print out of the documents. You never know when it can come in handy.

Required Documents for Australian visa from the UK

While applying for your Australian visa from the UK you will be needing some important documents for the approval of your application. So here is that list of docs that you’ll need.

  1. Your Residential address of Australia, that is, when you immigrate to Australia, the place you’ll be staying at.
  2. Health insurance. It is best if you take it with you just in case anything happens. Medical treatment can be very expensive there.
  3. Your Australian visa from the UK must have and include a copy of your VALID Passport and other relevant papers that the application form asks.
  4. You’ll also need a recent passport photograph of yourself and also the authorization of children, if needed that is. These documents should be attached to your application.

Requirements for the visa

The absolute basic requirements by the British citizen to get into is a VALID UK passport and also an approved electronic visa. The citizen of the UK does not need any stamp visa like the traditional one to enter Australia. However, they do require an eTA visa or an electronic travel authorization before their visit here in the country.

And the simple requirement to get that Australian visa is a VALID UK passport. This will get you the eTA approved.

However, keep in mind that travelers who cross the age of 75 will have to go through a medical checkup in order to get their visa approved. Sometimes you might be asked to show proof of your finances once you get to land in Australia.

Types of electronic visa

Well normally, British citizens travel to Australia for different purposes. However, e-visa is available for the purpose of tourism and business. If you are looking for an ( Australia Tourist Visa) then this electronic visa would be the best way to get it. Also, for business purposes, you will be able to avail of this visa.

Duration and Validity of the Visa

The tourist visa Australia is valid based on the type of visa. The type of visa also varies the length of time for staying.

The eVisitor visa is a very popular visa that allows a validity of 12 months. However, with this visa, you can stay in Australia for 3 months (90 days) at a time. You can leave and enter as much as you want within this one-year validity of the visa.

If you wish to stay for a longer period than 3 months at a time, you need a different Australian visa. You can get a 6-month stay-at-a-time visa depending on the purpose of your visit.

Well, these are everything that you need to know about your Australian visa from the UK. If you are a citizen of the UK then all the information in this article has saved you a lot of phone bills. Once you are done reading this, the only thing you are now left with is packing your bag and buying that air ticket.

Let me Know Are you able to get your Australian Visa? or need any help. Share your thought via comment. If you enjoy and find a solution what you searching for then share it on social media to your friends and family.

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