How to Enjoy a Dubai Vacation on a Budget in 5 Different Ways

You want to Visit Dubai but your Budget is Tight, then this post is for How to Enjoy a Dubai Vacation on a Budget.

You must have heard about Dubai as one of the most expensive cities in the world. After all, it is home to the largest shopping mall (with high-end brands), the seven-star hotel (with luxurious accommodations) and numerous restaurants and attractions that require you to spend money.

How to Enjoy a Dubai Vacation on a Budget

However, what is not popularly known is that it is possible to enjoy a Dubai vacation even if you are on a budget. Here are some tips that would help you to have a great holiday in Dubai on a mid-range budget.

How to Enjoy a Dubai Vacation on a Budget

Book Your Flight Tickets in Advance

Book Your Flight Tickets in Advance

One of the most expensive things about vacationing in Dubai is the flight ticket. The best way to handle this is to book the tickets several months in advance.

Sometimes, airline companies offer special deals or sales. Look out for these to save major vacation money on your airplane tickets.

Go for a Budget-Friendly Hotel

Go for a Budget-Friendly Hotel

Dubai is an epitome of luxury, and naturally, there are several hotels and resorts where you would be pampered like royalty. However, this can raze out your bank account and hence it is necessary to look out for budget-friendly hotels.

Move out of Downtown Dubai and look for decent but cheaper accommodations in the Old Dubai area. You would also get to experience the vibe of the old times here.

Alternatively, you can also look for Airbnb accommodations, which would be much cheaper than a hotel room.

 Look for Free Things to do in Dubai

Surprisingly, there are plenty of free as well as cheap things to do in Dubai. Here is a list of interesting things to do in Dubai without breaking your budget.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum, located inside Al Fahidi Fort, is a window to the Dubai of the yesteryears.

Walkthrough the numerous exhibits to know about the houses, clothes, jewelry, occupation, and lifestyle of the Arabs. The entry to the Dubai Museum would cost you AED 3 not Morethan $1.

Bastakiya Quarter

The oldest neighborhood in Dubai, the Bastakiya Quarter, is characterized by narrow winding lanes, modest homes with wind towers and an air of the yesteryears.

Some of the houses have been converted into museums, most of which you can visit for free.

The best part is that you can explore the Bastakiya Quarter without spending anything.

Jumeirah Mosque

Your cultural trip to Dubai would not be complete without a tour of a mosque, and one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai that are open to non-Muslims is the Jumeirah Mosque.

To know more about the architecture of the mosque as well as about the religion of Islam, you can join the free tour conducted by the SMCCU, every day except Friday.

Dubai Fountain Show

The most spectacular thing that you watch for free in Dubai is the Dubai Fountain Show. It happens right outside the Dubai Mall, with the Burj Khalifa in the background.

As the Clock strikes 7, the fountain comes alive with water jets, lights, and music. The Dubai fountain show happens every 30 minutes from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Public Beaches

The ultimate way to relax without paying any money is by visiting a public beach. Most of the popular beaches in Dubai are not just beautiful but offer a lot of amenities and facilities like restaurants, cafes, washrooms, etc.

If you want to enjoy water sports, Kite Beach would be perfect for you, while Sunset Beach is great for watching a splendid sunset.

Book Your Tickets Online

Although there are several free things to do in Dubai, it does not mean you should miss the other attractions. The best way to save money on popular tourist attractions is to book the tickets online.

This way you not only save major bucks but also a lot of time. You can not only go on a Burj Khalifa tour but also enjoy the best desert safari in Dubai. You can book dhow cruise in Dubai too, which is one of the must-do things in the city.

Opt for the Metro for Travelling

Commuting within the city is one of the main things tourists spend on when holidaying in a city. While the cabs in Dubai are quite cheap, especially for a shorter trip, it may not always be pocket-friendly. The best way to travel to Dubai is the metro.

Dubai is well connected by the metro, and all the major tourist locations in Dubai have a metro station nearby. Traveling by the metro is not only a cheaper alternative but also a faster one, as you do not have to worry about the traffic.


You see, vacationing in Dubai is not at all difficult if you plan well. With the help of some budgeting and smart methods, you would be able to enjoy this magnificent city while holding onto your budget.

I suggest you some of the best Ideas How to Enjoy a Dubai Vacation on a Budget. Hope you enjoy It.

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