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How To Delete Reddit Account In 5 Steps

Want to know How to delete Reddit account, then I Guide you Step by Step Process so you Easily Deactive/Delete your Reddit Account.

Sometimes Social Media fill negativity in your Life. A user wants to stay out of Social Media till their life, not on track.

Technically If you want to Delete Reddit Account means Deactive Reddit Account. After Deactive you never Reactive your Reddit Account, It is Permanently Delete.

What happened to your Post after Delete your Account?

Your Post still remains available after Delete your Account. All other Reddit Users can see and visit your Post. But only changes happened show Deleted in place of Username.

After Delete Reddit Account you can’t delete your Post so it is better to first Delete your Post then Delete your Account.

Let’s start to know how to delete a Reddit account 

How To Delete Reddit Account

Step 1: Visit Reddit

Write on your Web browser Search box or directly click Reddit

Step 2: Login your Reddit Account

Login your Reddit Account

After that click on Sign in.

Then Enter your Username and Password, click Sign in.

If you don’t know your Username and Password then recover your Username and Password because without this you can’t Delete Reddit Account.

Step 3: Click on User Settings

click on user settings

After that click Profile, A Drop-Down menu open. Then click User Settings.

Step 4: Click Deactivate Account

How To Delete Reddit Account

Next scroll down, in the end, you find Deactivate Account and click it.

Step 5: Enter Account Credential

Enter Account Credential


Then Enter Account Credential for Security Purposes.

Tick mark and click Deactivate.

Done you permanently Delete Reddit Account


I try to explain step by step Process How to delete Reddit account, I hope you find your solution what you find. Share with your friends on Social Media.

If you have any Questions or Suggestions comment below, I try to answer it.

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Can you delete Reddit messages

In both the old version of Reddit and in New Version, you can click ‘delete‘ below any private message you‘ve received on Reddit. Note that you can only delete private messages you‘ve received, not private messages that you‘ve sent.

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