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How to Delete Paypal Account in 5 Steps

Are you want to Delete Paypal Account or Paypal Business Account then you are in the right article. I explain how to delete Paypal account step by step process with the picture. Paypal is used for sending and receiving money from others and used to pay bills.

You may be deleted Paypal Account because of no longer useful in the future or maybe you got better payment getaway at the cheapest rate or whatever the reason, you easily Close Paypal Account Permanently.

Before Close your Paypal Account you must transfer your money to linked bank account, Once you delete the account you can’t get your transaction history so better to print out. make sure to change your payment method if you pay bills through PayPal account.

You can’t delete Paypal Account or Deactive Paypal account through mobile so Delete Paypal account through Computer or Laptop.

How to Delete PayPal Account

Step1: Visit Paypal

Open your Web browser and search You land on Paypal home Page.

Step2: Login to your Paypal Account

Login to your Paypal Account

After that enter your Email or Mobile number and Password, then click Login.

Step3: Click on Setting Icon

Click on Setting Icon

Once you are logged in, select the Settings icon ( gear icon) at the top-right of the page.

Step4: Click on Account Settings

Click on Account Settings

Step5: Click on Close Account

how to delete paypal account

In the Account type, show a link Close Account. Click on it.

Then Paypal Send an SMS on your Mobile number or Email address for confirmation. After verifying pop up is open. Then click Close Account.

Done, You successfully close Paypal Account.

Once you close your account you can’t access or reactivate your account. If you need Paypal again then create a new one. You can create a Paypal account with the same Email address.


Delete Paypal or Paypal Account is easy to process but you must transfer all money to your linked bank account or pay all default bills, otherwise, Paypal not allowed to Delete Paypal Account. If you Love this article or find this article on how to delete Paypal account valuable then share it with your friends and family on social media.

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