How to Delete Facebook Account 7 Steps

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How to Delete Facebook Account

Here we provide some simple steps to you for How to Delete Facebook’s take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete the steps. But Facebook needs 30days for Permanently Delete a Facebook Account.

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Step 1:Login to Facebook

Login to Facebook

For Delete Facebook Account you need first to Login to Facebook.

Step 2: Go to Setting

Go to Setting

After Login to Facebook account then go to Setting.

Step 3:-Go to Your Facebook Information

Go to Your Facebook Information

After Click on Setting click on Your Facebook Information.

Step 4:-Go to Deactivation and Deletion

Deactivation and Deletion

After go to Your Facebook Information click on Deactivation and Deletion or View.

Step 5:-Choose Permanently Delete Account

Choose Permanently Delete Account

After Click on Deactivation and Deletion then select Permanently Delete Account option.

Step 6:-Choose Delete Account

Delete account

After choose option Permanently Delete Account then click on Delete Account.

Step 7:-Provide Facebook password and Click Delete Account

Provide Facebook password and Click Delete Account

After Click, Delete Account Facebook Ask for password. You just need to fill your facebook password and click Delete Account.

Remember you have only 30 days for Reactive your Facebook Account.

You have done your work. You just wait 30 days to delete Facebook account.

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