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How to Delete Call History

An individual of an Android smartphone undoubtedly creates one hundred calls daily, associated with work, livelihood and personal lifestyle too. You can clearly find a set of calls that you get, replied to, or missed and you don’t want to hazard your own solitude and desire the data to fall into the incorrect hands.

how to delete call history

Android smartphone users are always able to use the possibility to delete the real history of personal or professional calls out of the list or telephone log. If you’re searching to delete telephone history from the android smartphone, then below are a number of simple steps.

Steps to how to delete call history from Android smartphone

Step 1: Open the Phone app on your own smartphone.

Step 2: tap or Click ‘Recents’ at the left corner.

Step 3: The monitor will automatically display the phone call log or all of the current dialled amounts. At the upper right corner, there’s really a three-dot icon. Harness that.

Step 4: Select”Publish telephone log” from the drop-down menu. Your telephone history is going to likely be deleted.

If You’d like to delete one or a special contact number from your phone, you are able to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the telephone program on your own smartphone.

Step 2: Just click “Recents” at the left corner.

Step 3: Today, tap the button showing a tiny “i” in just a circle onto the far right side of this pub that shows that the contact name.

Step 4: Your screen will display the telephone log in the contact. Click the perpendicular three-dot icon towards the top right corner of this screen.

Point out notice: you might also clear call history from the smartphone preferences program, go into preferences, hunt for calls, and then select telephone logs and then elect to delete telephone logs from that point.

Is factory data reset is one solution for delete call history?

A factory data reset onto your own smartphone offers you the possibility to delete all of the settings and files in your own system. Using this method will allow one to delete the whole phone log, which comprises shipped calls, received calls, incoming calls and also missed calls.

But if you want to simply delete that specific contact’s telephone history or perhaps the whole telephone log, then the factory data reset option ought to really be avoided and will be treated as a last resource.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to bring a copy of your stored data to your own Android smartphone before opting to get a factory reset option.

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