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How to Create Mailing list in Gmail 5 Steps

Are you facing difficulty sending one mail to the different mail addresses, again and again, then I explain to you How to Create Mailing list in Gmail Step by Step Process.

So that you easily send one mail to different mail addresses.

How to Create Mailing list in Gmail

Click On Google Apps

google apps

First, visit Gmail and Sign in with your email address and Password.

Then go to Google apps.

Click Google Contact

google contacts

After that click on Contacts.

Then a new Tab is open, where shows all your contacts.

Create Label

create label

Now Create Label as per your need like friends, Clients, family and many more.

Add Contacts to Labels

add contacts to label

Here you select contacts you want to add.

Then click Manage Labels, select in which label you want to add these contact.

After select Label click Apply.

Now you create a mailing list.

Another way to Create a Mailing from import contacts.

Click on Import

import contact

You can import contacts from CSV or vCard File.

first, write contacts/Mails in Excel. Then click import.

Make sure you save as CSV file not .xlsx file.

After select file click on Import.

How to Create Mailing list in Gmail


Here I explain two methods How to Create Mailing list in Gmail step by step.

When you send a mail in the “To” section enter label you create and all your contacts are imported and send mail to all contacts add in Label.

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