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How To Create Google Pay Account In 5 Steps

Are you searching for How To Create Google Pay Account, then this article is for you. I Guide you Step by Step Process on Google Pay.

Google Pay or Gpay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google. Previously Google Pay named Android Pay.

How To Create Google Pay Account

Let’s start to know How to Open Google  Pay Account

How To Create Google Pay Account

Step1: Download Google Pay App

Tap on Google Pay

Open Google Play Store or App Store and download the Google pay App. or Download for Android, iPhone.

After Download, Tap on Google Pay.

Step2: Enter your Mobile Number

Enter Mobile Number

Next, Enter your Mobile Number. Make Sure enter that mobile number that Registers with your Bank Account. Then click Next.

Step3: Read Term Condition and click Next

Read Term Condition and click Next

After that its detect your Gmail Account. If you want to change then click on Pencil Icon and change It.

Then Read Terms of Service and click Next.

Step4: Verify Phone Number

Verify Phone Number

An OTP sends to your Register Mobile number. Enter OTP and click Start using Google Pay.

Step5: Secure Google Pay

Secure Google Pay

Here you Choose how you Secure your Google Account. It maybe varies Device by Device. After select Click Continue.

How to Add Bank Account In Google Pay

Step1: Tap on Google Account Profile

Tap on Profile

Open your Google Pay App then Tap on Profile.

Step2: Click on Payment Methods

Click on Payment Methods

For Adding Bank Account click on Payment Methods. then click Add Bank Account.

Step3: Select Bank Account

select bank account

Select your Bank you want to Add. Make sure you select a bank that registers with your Mobile Number.

Then Google Pay Verify your Number with Bank Account. So One SMS is Send for Verification Purpose. A Standard Charge is cut from your Mobile Balance.

Step4: Enter UPI Pin

Enter UPI pin

After that Enter UPI PIN. If you previously Create UPI PIN through this bank then Use that UPI PIN. Otherwise, it shows Create UPI Pin. and Create One.

Unified Payments Interface(UPI) Pin is a 6 Digit Pin that uses every time when you make Transaction through UPI.

If you Forgot your UPI Pin then click Don’t know your UPI PIN.

Now you are Ready to Use Google Pay for People or Google Pay for Business.

Google Pay Customer Service

If you finding difficulty on Google Pay App, so one question rise in you Find How to Contact  Google Pay Customer Service.

Step1: Click On Help & Feedback

Click On Help & Feedback

Open your Google Account App, then Tap on your Profile, Scroll down and click on Help & Feedback.

Step2: Click on Contact

click on contact

First, find Articles that solve your problem. If you did not Satisfy or not find any solution then click Contact.

Step3: Contact with Chat or Phone

Contact with Chat or Phone

Then click on Chat or Phone and Contact with Google Pay Customer Service.


I try my best to explain How To Create Google Pay Account and How to Use Google Pay account hope you find your solution. If you like it share it with your friends in Social Media.

If you have any questions or suggestions then comment below, I try to answer all the question.

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