How to Create Google Analytics Account in 4 Steps

Want to know how to Create Google Analytics account Step by Step Process, Then follow these steps for Create analytics account to connect with your website.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks Website User, session duration, pages per session, bounce rate and many more.

How to Create Google Analytics Account

You See which keyword is ranking, Traffic medium, which country provides more traffic.

Let’s Create Analytics Account

How to Create Google Analytics Account

Before Start Creating first Create a Google Account.

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Set up For Free

set up for free

Visit Google Analytics, then click on Set up for Free.

Account Set up

account setup

Here you enter the Account name, you enter your website name so it is easily remembered.

Then click Next.

After that choose What do you want to measure? between Web or Apps or Apps and Web.

If you have the only website choose Web, Only Apps choose Apps, IF you have Both then choose Apps and Web.

After choosing click Next.

Property Setup

property setup

Here Enter your Website name, Website URL( make sure choose between http:// or https://)

Choose Industry Category, if you don’t find your category choose other.

Then Select Time Zone and click Create.

After that Read Agreement, tick mark and click I Accept.

Add Tracking Id on your Website

tracking id

Now you got your Tracking ID.

Copy and Paste this Tracking ID in your Website <Head> part.

If you don’t know any coding and you doing something wrong your entire website is crash so it better to use Plugin.

I am Using Analytify Plugin to connect Google Analytics.


First Install Analytify and Active It.

login with your google analytic account

Go to Setting and Click login with your Google Analytics Account on the Authentication Section.

google account access

Here need to give Access Google account to Analytify.

Make sure you choose that Gmail Account create Google Analytics.

Click Allow.

choose tracking id

Here Choose Tracking ID on Profile for Posts and Profile for dashboard.

Make sure to choose Yes Install Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Then click Save Change.


I explain Step by Step Process How to Create Google Analytics Account and what are the Benefits.

Analytify is a Plugin that provides data like Google Analytics in your WordPress Website and help Paste Analytics Tracking ID.

You may find more features in the Pro Version.

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