How to Create Facebook Account in 4 Steps

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How to Create Facebook Account

Facebook is a Top Social Media Platform in World. But you Don’t Know How to Create Facebook Account. No Worry I help to Create Facebook Account Step by Step Process.

Why do you need to Create Facebook Account? In World, More than 1.65 billion people log in to Facebook on a Daily Basis. On Facebook, you can find your Friends and Family Members and Colleagues and Make some New Friends also.

create facebook account

Facebook Provides Some Cool Features like Chat, Video calls, Create groups, Create Story and Many more. So that you always touch with your People.

Nowadays Facebook is the best place to Promote your Business or Your Website or Your Youtube Channel. Even you can create an Event and Promote it. Don’t know how? Check it How to Create an Event on Facebook in 4 Steps

Lets Start Create Facebook Account

Go to Facebook

facebook account

First Visit Facebook.

Now you have shown Create a New Account.

Need to Enter your First name, Surname, Phone number or Email/Gmail, Password.

Then select your Birthday and Gender then clicks Sign up.

Verify your Account

confirm facebook account

On the Next Stage, You need to Verify your Account.

Facebook Send a Unique Code to your Email Address or your Mobile Number, Whatever you choose at the time of Sign Up.

After got your Code, enter it and click on Continue.

Now you Successfully Create Facebook Account.

Let’s see some other features.

Add Facebook Friends

add facebook friend

Now you are on the Facebook Dashboard.

Here you can Create Post, Add to your story and add your friends or Pages or Groups.

You can search friends by entering in search Box or click on Next as per the above Picture(its only show for a new account) or click on find friends.

seach friends on facebook

In the Facebook Search box, you can search peoples, pages, Groups, Events and many more and Add or Like or Follow.

Update Facebook Profile

update facebook profile

After that, you update your Facebook profile so click on Profile.

Here you Upload your Profile Picture and Cover Picture, Click on Add Photo and Add Cover Picture.

Then click on About.

facebook about

Here you Enter your Basic Personal Information like Work and Education, Place, Home Town etc so Facebook show some Facebook Friend Suggestions. You maybe know someone or maybe not. It easy to find someone.

Is it Safe Showing Personal Information?

Don’t worry you hide all your Information.

hide basic information on Facebook

Whatever you enter your Basic Information on Right side its Show Edit Option.

In this Edit Section, it’s Ask who shows your Basic Information?

It is up to you which information you want to hide. If you Choose Only Me, Then No one shows your Information.

facebook friend privacy

In Friend Section, you can Edit Privacy who can See your Friend list and who can see the people, Pages, and lists you follow.

For that go to the Friends section, then click on Pencil icon then click on Edit Privacy.



I try my best to explain to you how to Create Facebook Account and Explain some Privacy settings so that you can Secure your Basic Information.

Some of the other Basic features I explain other Posts, Don’t Forget to Visit it.

Once you Successfully Create Facebook Account don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page.


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