How to Create Email Group in Outlook in 3 Steps


Are you searching for How to Create Email Group in Outlook, your Search is the end. I explain to you the Step by Step Process so you have not find any difficulty.

How to Create Email Group in Outlook

Click on New Group

new group

First Visit Outlook, then Sign in with your username and Password.

Then Click New group.

Enter Group Name and Description

enter group name and description

Here you enter your Group Name and Description.

Then click Create.

Add Member

add member

Here enter a name or email address, you want to add in this Group.

If you don’t want then click Not now.

how to create email group in outlook


Benefits of Outlook Email Group is you Share and View files, Plan Group Events, Discussions with your Friends or colleague.

No need to send Email per Person, just add in your group and share anything.

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