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How to Create Business Facebook Page in 6 Steps Beginner  Guide

How to Create Business Facebook Page

how to create business facebook page

Are you Searching Facebook Page for Business then you are in the right place. I guide you How to Create Business Facebook Page Step by Step Process.

Nowadays Facebook is a Good and leading Platform to promote your Business or Product, Create Event and advertise your work and product.

Because facebook is a leading social media platform in the world.

If you don’t want a Facebook Business Page, want only a Pubic and Community page then

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Let’s start Create

How to Create Business Facebook Page

First Sign in to your Facebook Account through your Email/Mobile Number and Password.

Click on Page

facebook pages

After Login to your Facebook account, Click on Pages Present on the left side of Facebook in the Explore section.

Click on Create Page

make page

Here show your liked pages, Suggestion Pages and Invite you Pages.

You simply click on Create Pages/Make Page.

Click on Get Started

get started

Here you Create a Business or brand so Click on Get Started on Business or brand section.

Enter Page Name and Category

enter pagename and category

Here Enter the Page name you want.

Then Choose Category that describes your Page, and click Continue.

Add Profile and Cover Picture

add a profile picture

Here you Upload your Profile Picture and Cover Picture.

If you are not ready to upload then Click Skip.

Bingo, You Create Your own Facebook Business Page.

Let’s check some other Setting

Create Username

facebook page about

In-Page About section first Create your Username so people are easy to searching you, click on Createpage@username.

If you don’t find username as per your page then try some alternative with numbers.

Enter your phone number, email, website, and other details.

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Some times Facebook deactivates your page if you share the more external link so you need to create Facebook App Id.

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I try my best to explain step by step Processes on how to Create Business Facebook Page. My suggestion is also to create Facebook App ID, It also helps in your website SEO.

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