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How to Create an Event on Facebook in 4 Steps

You want to Host an Event on Facebook but you don’t where and how to Create an Event on Facebook, then don’t worry. I explain you step by step process so that you easily create an Event.

Facebook is one of the best and Top Social Media Platform in the World. Million of People live at a time on Facebook.

So it is the Best place to show your Talent, Experience, and Work. Then People start Following you in Very Less Time.

How to Create an Event on Facebook

It ultimately grows your Presence with people, grows your Business. Therefore Facebook is one of the Best Places to host your Event.

So let’s start creating an Event for You.

How to Create an Event on Facebook

Firstly you need to Facebook sign in with your Email or Phone and Password.

Click on Events

facebook event

After Facebook Login click on Events on Explore Section.

Create Facebook Events

choose facebook event

Next stage clicks on Create Event.

You have two options, Choose either Create Private Event or Create Public Event.

In Private Event, you only invite Particular guests who will see your event.

In Public Event anyone on Facebook searches your event and will see it.

First Create a Private Event then Create a Public Event.

Create a Private event

Create private event in facebook

After clicking on Private Event you have lots of options for creating an event.

First, choose an image/video for your event as per what type of event you want to host.

Then Choose your Event Name, Location, Description and Date/Time.

Then Fix your Schedule as per your Plan.

Add your friend if they want to co-host your event.

Then click on Create Private Event.

Invite Friend

invite friend

After that need to invite your friend to attend your event.

For this click on Invite and the select person, you need to Invite. Then click on Send Invites.

In Edit Section you can Modify your event or Cancel your Event.

Create Public Event

create public event in facebook

In Public Event either you or if you create any facebook page can host it.

Enter your Event name, location, Event Description.

Then Select Category, as per your event.

Then Choose Frequency, you host Daily, Weekly or choose custom.

After that, you Add Co-host either choose page or Friends in this section.

create event in facebook

After that, Add your Schedule.

Then enter Keyword as per your type of event so that people can search it and join your event.

In the Ticket section, you add a URL where your event tickets are selling so people buy it.

Then click on Create.and your event is Successfully Create.


In facebook, it is the easiest way to host your event. and in a very few moments, you can capture your audience. Once people like your event you can sell events tickets and earn money.

Well, I try my best to explain how to create an event on Facebook in the step by step method.

If you like then share with your friends on Social Media.

If you have any questions or suggestions then comment below. I try to answer it. If any suggestions I accept it.

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