How to Create a Website in 15 Minute-Beginner Guide

How to Create a Website


How to create a website

If you wish you have a website and share your knowledge with the world but you have no Idea How to Create a Website then you are in the right place, I guide you Step by Step Process from Begining to Ending.

Before going to Start How to Create a Website, Start learning What is the work of a Website? A Website has many functions and can be used in many fashions, It can be a Corporate Website, a Government Website, an Organization website, and a Personal Website.

A Website Dedicated to a particular topic may be Health or Technology or Science or any topic that provides News and Education.

If you have a question Is anyone Create a Website or is any coding knowledge need to Create a Website?

The answer is yes, anyone can create a website and no need any Coding to Create a Website.

True you can Create a Website in HTML, but Need lots of Time, First need to learn HTML then Code for a website, you have no idea when its end and your Competitor start winning the Race.

So How to Create a website? We Create a Website through WordPress.

Why WordPress? According to Servey, there are 52% of website are run through WordPress. In WordPress, you find 61000+ Plugins(In simple word Plugins are just like App on your Mobile). These Plugins help your website Secure, fast, Beautiful and many more. and more interesting is you can create a Website in 15 minutes and it is Totally Free.

To create a Website, You need a Domain, a Web Hosting, and a Theme. We Learn all Part Step Step Process.

How to Choose a Domain:-

domain is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet just like .com, .org, .net, etc.

There are lots of Domains available, Which Domain best for your Website?

There are some Top Level Domains(TLD) are .com, .org, .net, .info. First, try to Find a Domain in .com, but in some cases, you may not find in .com then Find in Top Level Domain.

There are Some Country Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD) also available like .in, .us, .uk and many more.

Which one better between TLD and ccTLD? In TLD Domains are got Trafic from Worldwide but In ccTLD are got Trafic from only Specific Country as per your Domain.

There are some Advantages also in ccTLD, Your Domin works on Specific Country so you Mainly Focus that Country Trafic like You have a Follower Shop in the USA, In this case, you don’t need a Top-level Domain, you don’t get an extra advantage. If you use it .us Domin then you maybe got more Trafic than .com Domain.


Never Use Special Character or Space or Number between your Domin. because someone searching for you, If they miss any of these then they land on different Websites.

Your Domain is less than 15 letters is better, find a Domain that easily Remembers.

Try to use keywords in your Domain as per your Business, so your Domain tells your Business.

If you try to sell your Domain Top-level Domain are 1st Priority. Top Level Domains are Easy for Sell.

If you Want Free Domain for the First Year then visit Bluehost or GreenGeeks but Need to Buy Hosting from their Service.

How to Choose Best Web Hosting:-

Web Hosting is a Heart of a Website. Where Data of a website Saving in Web Hosting Data Center. Web Hosting provider Provide Speed, Storage, and Protection to a User so that a user Easily Manage it.

So it is very important to choose Best Web Hosting that provides Speed, Storage, and Protection to a User. If all of these are available at an affordable price then it is better for you.

I choose the Top 7 Best Web hosting provider here How to Choose Best Web Hosting in Cheap Price Top 7 List. Trust me These Web hosting providers are Industry Best.

Ok, now I start to Buy hosting from A2 hosting. A2 hosting starting from $2.96/month, Free SSL Certificate, Any time Money-back Guarantee and If you Buy turbo Plan they provide up to 20X Faster web Hosting.

I show you Buy a Shared Hosting if you want WordPress hosting or Reseller hosting or VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting you can buy process is the same.

Step 1:-First Vist A2 hosting

Step 2:-Choose which type of Hosting you want to buy

A2 hosting plan

Choose your Hosting and Click on Get Started.

Step 3:-Register a Domain

register a domain

Here search your Domain that Suitable to your Business or Topic. If your Domain is available, Click on Continue.

Step 4:-Customize your Hosting

a2 hosting customize

Here you Choose your Nearest Data Center. More Nearest more Speed.

Next Choose in the Turbo Boost section, which one best for you. I suggest Choose Turbo web hosting, best for you.If you don’t like Choose Swift Web Hosting.

In SSL Certificates Section Free Plan is best as a Beginner, Once your website is Growing you can choose Essential SSL DV.

In Auto Instal Application(Additional Option) section Choose WordPress, It’s auto-install WordPress No need further Install. After Choosing Wordpess its Shows your Username and Password, Note it anywhere need for Login.

Now Showing What Cost need to pay, then click Continue.

a2 hosting

If you want to choose any plan. It is important to use DNS Management for Speed up your Website.

In the case of ID Protection, you may choose because of your Address, Mobile Number and Email available on the Internet. So it needs to Protect.

If you don’t want any plan then Untick it and Click on Continue.

After that its Show your billing details, then Click on Checkout.

After that, you provide your basic information, Billing Address, and Payment Details.

You can pay through Credit Card, Paypal, Skrill, Check or Money Order and Bank Wire Transfer. Then Click on Complete Your Order.

Buying Domain and Hosting is Over. Now your Website is Live.

Next, you learn Choose Theme for your Website and How to Post in WordPress.

Login to WordPress

wordpress dashboard

Now you can log in to your WordPress through your Username and Password, Provided by your Web Hosting Service.

After login, you are in WordPress Dashboard.

In Pages Section, you have 2 Option, All Pages and Add New. In All Pages, it shows all Pages you Create and In Add New, You can create a New Page and Publish it.

write a post in wordpress

Write a Post in WordPress

In Post Section, You have 4 Option 1)All Posts 2)Add New 3)Categories and 4)Tags.

In All Posts, it shows All Post you have. In the Categories and Tags Section, you can Create New Categories and Tags.

Write a New Post Click on Add New.

In Title Bar you Write your Post Title.

After that, it shows Permalink. It is the address of your post. You can share Permalink to anywhere so that people visit your website through this link.

Generally, Permalinks are Keywords that Search on the Internet. It is Better to Research on Keywords. Keywords are Most Important if you Write a Post. If you Don’t Know What People Search and How Much, then it is not worth for you.

There are Lots of Keyword Research Tools available on the Internet. I mostly Suggest SEMrush and Kwfinder are best in Industry.


After that it shows a white space, In this part, you write about your post.

After that, you Publish your Post.

Choose Theme in WordPress

wordpress theme

For WordPress Theme Go to Appearance and click on Themes.

Already one Theme upload on your Website. For a new theme click on Add New.

Choosing a new Theme click on Install and Active. and your Theme is live on your Website.


You complete learning How to Create a Website. Choosing Domain and Hosting is much more important to Create a Website. The domain is helping to rank on the Internet and Hosting is Provide Storage, Speed, Security.

You Can go through our Hosting Suggestion because I create the Best Hosting Provider list through User review, Speed Test, Price, and Security. I mostly Suggest going through A2 hosting, Greengeeks, Bluehost, and Milesweb.

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