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How to Create a email Group in Gmail 3 Steps

Are you looking for How to Create a Email group in Gmail, no worries. I explain you step by step Process. So you don’t face any difficulty.

How to Create a email Group in Gmail

How to Create a email Group in Gmail

If you did not Gmail register then first create one.

New Conversation

new conversation

First Gmail Sign in then Click on “+”(New Conversation).

New Group

new group

After that click on New group.

Group Name & Invite Friend

group name and invite friend

Here you enter Group Name and Invite your friend by entering Name, Email or Phone.


Gmail is the most widely used Email service in the World. So it is easy to discuss in a group with colleagues, Friends, Clients.

After Joining a Group you can do Share Picture, Video Call.

But In Outlook Email Group you can share files also.

I try to explain How to Create Gmail groups, Step by Step Process. I hope you like it.

If you have any question or suggestion then comment below, I try to answer it.

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