How to Create a blog on Blogspot free and earn money online in 15 minutes

How to Create a blog on Blogspot free and earn money online

Searching for How to Create a blog on Blogspot free but don’t how to start, don’t worry, I guide you step by step Process.

A blog is mainly used for sharing personal ideas, experiences on the Internet. A blog is one of a good source to earn money online.

In Blogspot, a little bit difficult but not impossible to monetize. you need lots of dedication and patience to earn money on Blogspot.

how to create a blog on Blogspot

If your main aim is to earn money in a few days and have money to invest in your website my suggestion go with WordPress and create a website in 15 Minutes.

Don’t know how? follow it How to Create a Website in 15 Minute-Beginner Guide

But you begin to learn what is blogging how it works or start learning from basics then Blogspot is best.

Before start learning, you must have a Gmail account because Blogspot is a Google product. If you don’t have then create a new one. here is an explanation How to Create a google account

Let’s start learning how to create a blog on Blogspot

Create new Blog

create new blog

Visit Blogger

If you don’t sign in with your Gmail account then enter your email and password.

Then you are on the Blogger dashboard. Here you click on Create New Blog.

Create Blog Address

create blog address

Here is an important part of creating a blog.

Enter the Blog Name you want in Title Section.

After then enter your blog address, it is the address that people visit your blog.

You may notice that whatever blog name you choose to end with because of your blog host and got a domain from Blogspot. you can’t change it.

Once if you buy your own host and transfer it then only you can remove

Next thing to notice that your blog address must be available in Blogspot otherwise its shows sorry your blog address is not available.

If your address is available then you lucky otherwise try a different combination then click on Create Blog.

Done you Create a blog on Blogspot

Next, learn other features in Blogspot

Create a post on Blogspot

create a post on blogspot

On the next Stage click on Create new post.

Enter Your Title on the title section then write details about your post on the description section.

After writing your post you published click on Publish.

On the right side, you show post Permalink it is the address of this post. You can share this permalink to visit this post.

new blog

You check on the left top corner side show your blog name and New blog.

In the New blog, you create another new blog. In a single Gmail address, you can create multiple blogs.

Blogspot Pages

Click on Pages. Here you Create new Pages just click on Create a New Page.

Enter Page Title and description if you want and click Publish.

Blogspot Theme

blogspot theme

In the Theme section, you can change the theme as per your choice. Select one theme and click Apply to Blog.

And Customize yours by click on Customize.

If you don’t like available then you can add a theme from outside. There is some free and Paid theme available. Download it and store it on your computer.

Then click on backup/Restore, Choose a file and apply to Blog.

Blogspot Layout

blogspot layout

Blogspot layout is a part where you arrange a blog style.

You add your Favicon, Add a Gadget on Sidebar top and Bottom.

Once your blog is approved by Google Adsense to show Ads on your blog, you add an HTML file on the Ads section.


I try my best to Explain How to Create a Blog on Blogspot, it is easy and free to Create but some limitation like your blog name with, people know this blog is created on Blogspot.

You can’t customize more on Blogger. For monetization your blog a little bit difficult, you must have good content and a good number of visiter is to help you to approve.


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