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How To Check Vodafone Balance

Are you a Vodafone subscriber? and want to know how to check Vodafone balance? If yes, then you’ll be able to simply enter all of the providers and usage detail associated with your number with the USSD codes.

How To Check Vodafone Balance

From an organization that started cell phone operations within the UK in 1985, Vodafone now commands a serious share of the cell phone market in India. Clients usually need to know how can I check balance in Vodafone

Vodafone is a key participant Vodafone in technology communications by means of cellular, fixed, broadband, and TV in India in addition to many countries internationally.

The corporate that started its cell phone calling service within the UK in 1985, has since grown to have cellular operations in 24 international locations, associate with cellular networks in 42 extra, and supply fastened broadband in 19 markets, as per its personal web site.

Vodafone balance inquiry USSD codes and numbers make it simple for Vodafone clients to know their validity, balance, data utilization, offers, and different info pertaining to their Vodafone account.

Listed here are just a few Vodafone codes for balance checks for prepaid in addition to for postpaid accounts.

How to Check Vodafone Balance

Open your Mobile Dial pad and enter the following code.

Vodafone Balance Check Code:-

Vodafone Balance check code are *199*2# or *111# or *141#

Vodafone Data Balance Check:-

Vodafone Data Balance Check are *111*6# or *111*2*2*1#

Vodafone Validity Check Number:-

Vodafone Validity Check Number are *111*2*1# or *141#

Vodafone 2G Balance:-

Vodafone 2G Balance is *141*9#

Vodafone Night GPRS Balance:-

Vodafone Night GPRS Balance is *123*8#

Vodafone Minutes Balance:- 

Vodafone Minutes Balance is *148#

Vodafone Data Plans Activation:-

Vodafone Data Plans Activation is *111*6*1#

Vodafone Special Tariff Plans:-

Vodafone Special Tariff Plans is *145#

Vodafone Account Information Update:-

Vodafone Account Information Update is *111*11#

Activate Vodafone Value Combo:-

Activate Vodafone Value Combo is *123*2#

Vodafone Alerts:-

Vodafone Alerts is *123#

Vodafone Night Minutes:-

Vodafone Night Minutes is *157#

Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes:-

Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes is *147#

Vodafone Special Offers:-

Vodafone Special Offers is *121#

Vodafone Bonus Card:-

Vodafone Bonus Card is *111*7#

Vodafone Movie Masala Alerts:-

Vodafone Movie Masala Alerts is *123*1#

Vodafone Usage Allowance Details:-

Vodafone Usage Allowance Details is *111*6*2#

Vodafone Delights:-

Vodafone Delights is *111*1#

Vodafone Complaint Number:-

Vodafone Complaint Number is 198

Vodafone Customer Care:-

Vodafone Customer Care is 199 or 9811098110

Vodafone Latest Offer:-

Vodafone Latest Offer is 121

Vodafone Hello Tunes:-

Vodafone Hello Tunes is 5525 or 54206090

Vodafone DND:-

Vodafone DND is 1909

Vodafone Self Care Menu:-

Vodafone Self Care Menu is *111#

Vodafone Talk Time Credit Loan:-

Vodafone Talk Time Credit Loan is *111*3*6#

Vodafone MCI Missed Call Information Alert:-

Vodafone MCI Missed Call Information Alert is *888*810#

Vodafone Daily SMS Balance Check:-

Vodafone Daily SMS Balance Check is *143#

Vodafone VAS Deactivation:-

Vodafone VAS Deactivation is 155223

Vodafone Televerification:-

Vodafone Televerification is 59059

Vodafone Activation/Deactivation:-

Vodafone Activation/Deactivation is 1925

You can also download My Vodafone App from iOS or Android devices. Where you can log in with your Vodafone number.

Once you log in under My Vodafone Category you check balance, data balance, exist offer, and many more.

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