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How to Change your name on Facebook in 3 Steps

How to Change your name on Facebook

Don’t know how to change your name on Facebook, then relaxed I guide you so that you can easily change your name in simple steps.

Why do people want to change the name on facebook

The answer may be they typed the wrong name or maybe more people don’t know the actual name(know people his/her nickname) or maybe after marriage change surname.

Before know how to change your name on Facebook there is some limitation, first, know that points.

  How often can you change a Facebook name

Once you change your name you can’t change your name for 60 days.

So think twice before change your name. otherwise, people tired of searching for you.

What Facebook doesn’t want to be included in your name

Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation.

Characters from multiple languages.

Titles of any kind (example: professional, religious).

Words or phrases in place of a name.

Offensive or suggestive words of any kind.

for more other rules visit here

How to Change your name on Facebook

First, visit your Facebook, Login to your email or phone and password.

facebook setting

After Login, you are on your profile page.

Then click on down point arrow and click on settings.

general account setting facebookAfter that click Edit on Name on General Account Settings.

how to change your name on facebook

Then enter your First, Middle and Last name and click on Review change.

facebook preview name

Next stage, facebook show some option with your name combination, you need to choose which one you want to set your Profile name.

After select, the profile name enters your Facebook Password and click on Save Changes.

Done, Your Facebook name is changed and congratulations you can’t change it for the next 6o days.

How to add another name on Facebook

Here I explain to you how to add another name like nickname, married name, father name, birth name and many more.

For this go to your Profile, Click on About then click on Details about you.

details about you facebook

After clicking on Details about you On Name Type select which name you want to Add.

After select enter, your name then clicks on Save Change.

Your name is added.


I try my best to explain how to change your name on Facebook, I hope you understand it. The steps are pretty simple but there is some limitation.

So think twice before change your name on facebook.


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