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How to Change gmail Password in 2 ways

How to Change Gmail Password

If you don’t know how to change Gmail Password, No worry. I Guide you Step by Step Process with full Description. I explain to you in 2 methods.

how to change gmail password

First Method:-

Step 1:-Sign in to your Gmail.

Login to Gmail

Sign in to your Gmail Account 

Fill your Email or Phone and your Password.

Step 2:- Go to Google Account

google account

After Sign in click on Google Account.

Step 3:- Go to Personal info

personal info

After Go to Google Account, you find some options on the left side.

You find Personal info. Click that option.

Step 4:-Click on Password


After Click on Personal info then Click Password.

Google re-confirmed this is your account. that’s why Google again ask your password.

Step 5:-Change Password

change password

After Click on Password. Fill your New Password and Confirm new Password.

Then click on Change Password.

Your Password is Change.

Method 2:-

Step 1:-Provide Phone number or Email

enter email

Go to Gmail. enter your Email or Phone and click on Next.

Step 2:- Forgot Password

forgot Password

After entering the Email click on Forgot password.

Step 3:-Enter last password

enter last password

Here you need to enter your current password

Step 4:-Click on Change Password

change password 2

After entering your current password, there are 2 options show Continue and Change Password.

Click on Change Password.

After that Google again wants your password. Enter your password.

Step 5:- Enter your new password

change password

Enter your New password and Confirm new password, then click Change Password.

Your Password is Change.


I try my best to explain 2 methods on How to change Gmail password. Both methods are simple but Method 2 is a little bit easy process.

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