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How to Change Facebook Password in 5 Steps

How to Change Facebook Password

Searching for How to Change Facebook Password, you are in the right place. I Guide you Step by Step Process so you easily change your Password.

How to change facebook password

Login to Facebook

Login to Facebook

First, you need to Go to Facebook

Enter your Email or Phone and Password, then click on Log in.

Go to Facebook Setting

facebook setting

After Login to Facebook, go to the Settings in the drop-down menu.

Click on Security and Login

security and login

After Click on Setting, you find a number of options on your Facebook Setting Section.

Click on Security and Login.

Click on Change Password(Edit)

facebook password change

After Click on Security and Login, go to Login Section.

Then Click on Change password or Edit.

Enter your Password

change password

Here you need to Enter your Current Password, New Password and Re-type new Password.

After that click on Save Changes.

Done, You Change your Facebook Password.

I try my best to explain how to Change Facebook Password. I hope you can change your facebook password.


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