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How To Capture The Attention Of The Online Home Buyer

Are you doing work on Real-estate Business and want to sell Home to Buyer then this article How To Capture The Attention Of The Online Home Buyer is for you.

How To Capture The Attention Of The Online Home Buyer

How To Capture The Attention Of The Online Home Buyer

Nowadays, not a single purchase is made before checking all the reviews online. And that is even for the smallest and cheapest items that are sold online.

If we are to talk about big purchases and things that cost lots of money, of course, the buyer will take some time to go through all the offers online and then decide what to get. This includes buying a home as well.

It is astonishing that more than 95% of people use the Internet to look for their future home. The search begins online, targeting the locations and houses that are within their wishes and budget of course so that they can easily go through the reasonable possibilities.

And once they have their fair share of potential homes, the competition for the real estate agents just begins.

But how can these realtors be a step before the others? The answer is by providing the potential homebuyers digital visions of the future home they can’t resist.

It all comes down to a powerful home staging 3D experience that the homebuyers will use to envision their future.

This leads us to the question: isn’t traditional staging more important since the potential homebuyer will get to see the furniture in real life? In the past, when people were not so dependent on the Internet, it surely was. But today, it really isn’t, and this can be explained with several reasons why.

First of all, the potential homebuyers take into consideration only the places they have already chosen on the net to be in their top X for viewing.

This means that they have already made a decision that one of these places will be their future home if everything else that follows falls into place.

Hence, the first step, the most important step, is making the list of these potential homes found online.

Secondly, realtors invest far less money in 3D home staging than in traditional staging because the costs are unbelievably lower.

In addition, time and energy are not wasted for finding the appropriate staging company, hiring it and working out a plan for the renewal of the furnishings if the place is on the market for a longer period.

Instead, the virtual staging of the home is done on the computer, on a photo of the empty room and the job is finished in a day or two.

The relator will receive the photos digitally, and at the same time, they can put them on the net.

Finally, versatility is a lot bigger. One room can be designed in several styles to appeal to a bigger number of potential buyers with different tastes, while the traditional staging cannot do that.

And, even though the potential buyer won’t be able to see the place furnished in reality, they will already see how space can be designed thanks to the digital samples that helped him make the decision in the first place.

So, what is necessary to capture the homebuyer’s attention while they are still browsing on the Internet?

Well, as already mentioned, a design that will suit their preferences and show all the potential of the home is the crucial thing.

Also, the possibility to explore the room from all the angles while digitally designed is another plus, so the 3D feature should seriously be considered. It might cost more to do it in 3D but, but the effects would be far better.


It is clear that technology has facilitated the way we search for things a lot in the past few years, including the search for a new home.

This advantage was recognized by virtual design companies and took the home staging to another level. When you add creativity, skills and professional knowledge to the formula, it is more than obvious that the online homebuyer will be interested in pursuing further the possibility of choosing a particular home.

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