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How To Hotmail Create Account

Are you looking for Hotmail create Account, then in this article I guide you step by step Process. People now days love to use Hotmail as mail services but now it is not possible to create Hotmail account.

But Microsoft Outlook provides a service to create Hotmail account.

Hotmail Create Account

Step1: Visit Microsoft Outlook

Open your Web browser and type on your search box or click on Outlook.

Step2: Tap on Create Free Account

Tap on create free account

For Hotmail sign up login, Tap on Create free account.

Step3: Enter a new email

Hotmail Create Account

First, enter a new email name then select in the dropdown menu between and

After that click on Next.

Step4: Create a Password

create a password

On the next step create a strong password and click on Next.

Step5: Enter your Name

enter your name

Here Enter your First name and Last name then click Next.

Step6: Select country and Date of Birth

Select country and Date of Birth

Select your country from the dropdown list and choose your Date of Birth, then click Next.

Step7: Enter the characters

enter the charactersAfter that Enter the characters you see. If you unable is saw then click on New or Audio. and click Next.

Now you ready to use Hotmail.

For further use visit Hotmail account sign in page and Hotmail login account with your email and password.


I try to explain How To Hotmail Create Account, hope you find what you search. If your search ends then share with your friends on social media.

if you have any questions or suggestions then comment below, I try to answer your question.

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