How To Open Google Word Coach

Are you want to Play Google Word Coach and increase your Vocabulary but don’t know how to play google word coach game then you are in the right place.

What is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is a quiz game, where you find a question with two options. you need to answer correctly. It helps to increase the English language and vocabulary section in a fun and interesting way. You find it under Dictionary and Translation boxes if either you Google Search on browser “Google Word Search” or “Word Search

In some cases, if you search any meaning of a word Google Word Coach has appeared.

Google always improves its search engine. So the user always feels fun and engaging in its search engine. Google already provides Dictionary, Treasury, Snippet so that users find solutions to one single click. Google Word Coach is one of them. it is really easy to use, improve your English vocabulary and many more.

Google Word coach is basically a quiz game to enhance your vocabulary. The game was launched in 2018 for every people who expert in English or beginner in English. Every day some new word is introduced, It is difficult to learn all word in one day. Google Word Coach is a simple way to learn a new word every day.

Any person who wants to learn vocabulary Google Word Coach is the best choice for any new leaner. The best part is No need for any English learning App or Any English Teacher, Just Search Google Word Coach on Mobile Chrome Browser, and you start to learn English Vocabulary.

Google designed this App that way it always motivates to learn vocabulary. They give you some points when correct an answer. If you choose the wrong answer they provide you a full explanation of why your answer is wrong, What is the correct answer and why?

If you searching for any study game then Word Coach is one of the best Quiz Game.

How to Open Google Word Coach

Google Search on Mobile Google Chrom web browser “Google Word Search” or “Word Search“. Then it shows one question with two options. You need to select the correct answer otherwise you skip that question then another question has appeared.

Google Word Coach

In one round total five-question has appeared. You got some points if you select the correct option. Once one round is complete it show your score. Once you exit or close browser your score is erase and if you open Word Coach Google next time, It starts with score 0. If you want more quiz click on Next Round.

google word coach score

You can check the details explanation of every question. For that click on the drop-down arrow of every question. and learn more.

google word coach explanation

You can share your score with friends and family through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Email. For this click on the Share icon.

google word coach share


Google Word Coach is a quiz game only for Mobile browsers. Google not provide Google Word Coach app for word coach google. You only use this only through browsers. I hope you find your solution what you searching for.

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Is your vocabulary increase after using Google Word Coach?

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