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How to Use Google Translate Free in 3 Different Ways

How to Use Google Translate

If you want to communicate with someone, but you don’t the language of another person, then use Google Translate for communicating.

Let’s an example you have a client or you may be dating someone and you don’t know the language of another person. It is pretty difficult for you.

Or you want to learn a different country language or may visit another country if you don’t know the country language, then you face difficulty.

You may hire someone but that person dig your pocket with big money.

In this time best to use with Google Translate.

The Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google.

It offers a Website interface, Mobile application for IOS, Andriod, and an API that helps developers build software application and browser extension.

It supports more than 100 Language.

Let’s start to know how to use in different ways

How to Use Google Translate

Text Method

For Google translational visit Google Translate

google translate

After Visit enters Word or Sentence you want to translate.

It may be detected in your language or you may choose a language from the down arrow.

On the other side, Translation part Choose a language from the down arrow you want to translate.

and you find your translate sentence or word.

Documents Method

google document translate

You can translate a whole document.

For this go to the Documents tab and click on Browse your computer.

Choose a file from the computer to Google Translate.

Then choose the language you want to translate and click on Translate.

You can use .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx document in Google Translate.

You use a maximum of 10MB of the document in Google Translate.

Voice Method

Voice Google Translate method is the easiest method to Translate.

Here you need to select one Language that you Speak.

I show an example Google Translate English to Spanish

Google Translate English to Spanish

Go to text Tab, Select the language you Speak then Select which language you want to Translate.

After that click on MIC, then one notification for Allow Google Translate. Click on Allow.

Then You Speak you want and another side its show translation in Text.

If you want in Voice then Click On Listen.

Here you find Google Translate for Android device and IOS Device.


I explain 3 different ways to use Google Translate. The best method is Use Voice for Translation. but the problem is google must detect correctly otherwise its shows the wrong translation.

In document Translation method is good but your maximum document size is 10MB.

You may find mixed accuracy in Translation.

People Ask Question

Is Google Translate accurately

It provides Mixed results. In General western languages such as English and Spanish provide good accuracy.

but the accuracy of African languages is the poorest, followed by Asian and European languages.

Is Google Translate free

Yes, Google Translate is Absolutely free.

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