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How To View Control and Delete Google My Activity

Are you looking for View and Contol Google My Activity and Delete my Activity then you are in the right place. I guide you step by step process to Delete Google my activity.

Google My Activity is a service of Most Popular Search Engine Google where they collect lots of data about us through our search history, location, and voice searches. Whenever we sign in any website or service with Gmail account or Facebook or Twitter, they collect our Data like what am I looking for? Which type of  Youtube videos do we like to watch most? and many more.

So that they easily analyze and provides relevant ads for us and most likely to click. After the Facebook Data leakage case it is a little bit scary. However, Google states they do not sell Google Activity data to any third party.

How to View Google My Activity

Open your browser and search Google My Activity. Then you are in landing Page. Make sure your Gmail Id Login.

Google My Activity

After reaching My Google Activity Page, Scrolled down and show your activity on the Internet. You can Track your Google Activity filter by Date and Product. For this click on Filter by Date & Product.

google activity filter by date

Then select Date  Range and select Product you want to track, then click on Apply.

How to Pause Google My Activity

Step1: Tap on Activity Controls

google my activity controls

Step2: Disable Google Activity

Disable Google Activity

After that, you can Disable Web & App Activity, Location History, and Youtube History. It is up to you, You disable all or anyone.

Step3: Click on Pause

pause Google my activity

After clicking on Pause, Google stops tracking your activity on the internet.

How to Delete my Activity

Step1: Click on Delete Activity by

delete google my activity

Step2: Select Range for Google Activity Delete

Select Range for Google Activity Delete

Step3: Select Product and click Next

How To View Control and Delete Google My Activity

Congratulation you permanently delete google account history.


I try my best to guide each part on Google My Activity. I hope you find your solution whatever you looking for. If you love to reading share it on Social media with friends and family.

Do you have any questions then share it via a comment I try to answer it.

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