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How to Create Gmail New Account in 4 Simple Steps

How to Create Gmail new account? Either create new Gmail account for others or Gmail id create for Own Process is the same. For open new Gmail account, you need to provide some basic details like Date of Birth, Phone number.

Gmail New Account

For Gmail sign up new account follow the below steps:

Gmail New Account

Step1: Visit Gmail Account

For Gmail login new account open your favorite web browser and type or click on Gmail Account.

Step2: Click on Create account

For gmail sign up new account click on create account

After that, you are on Gmail id login Page. For Gmail sign up new account click on create account.

Then you have two options Gmail id create for myself or To Manage my business. Choose any one as per your needs.

Step3: Enter Your Username and Password

Enter your basic information for gmail id create

Here enter your First name, Last name, username, and Password. Then tap on Next.

Step4: Enter your DOB and Gender

enter phone number, recover email, dob and gender for gmail email sign in

After that, Enter your Phone number and Recovery email address(Remember both are optional but it is good to submit because it is used for Gmail password recovery, change Gmail password and Gmail password reset

Then enter your Date of Birth and choose Gender, click Next.

Next step read Privacy and Terms and click I agree.

Now you ready to use Gmail login inbox and other Goggle services.

Well, you successfully Gmail id create and want create new Gmail account for others. Use both of Gmail Account without Gmail sign out then you must know how to Gmail login different user

How to Create Gmail New Account on Phone

Step1: Tap on Add Account

For create email account gmail click on Add account on phone

To make new Gmail account on Phone Open your Gmail App on your Android or iPhone and click on Add account.

Then select Google and click Next.

Step2: Click on Create Account

click on create account

Step3: Enter your Name

enter your name

Enter your First name and Last name then click Next.

Step4: Enter your Birthday and Gender

Enter your Birthday and Gender

Step5: Create a Gmail Address

Create a Gmail Address

Create a Gmail address and click Next.

Step6: Create a Strong Password

Create a Strong Password

For secure Gmail new id create a strong Password.

Then read Google Privacy and Term then click on I agree.

Now you successfully create email account Gmail on Phone. and Gmail sign in android or iPhone.

Hence there is a simple process to Gmail login new account on both PC and Phone. I hope you find your solution what is searching for. If you like to share with your friends and family on social media.

If you have any doubts or suggestions comment below.

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