Ferry from Bali to Mataram and A Fantastic Cuisine on The Terrace in Tegalalang Village

As the neighbor of Bali, Lombok is no less attractive than the island of Bali itself. You can travel by air or by sea, using a fast boat or a ferry, to get there.

Take the Ferry from Pelabuhan Padang Bai (Padang Bai Harbor) to Lembar

The Bali-Lombok trip by ferry will last for 4-6 hours. Passing through Lombok strait, Bali Mataram ferry will bring passengers from Pelabuhan Padang Bai in Bali and will later arrive at Pelabuhan Lembar.

This ferry has three decks, where the base is for parking while the deck for passengers is on the floor above it, and the outer deck and the captain’s room are on the top floor. The costs for passengers vary, ranging from individuals with a ticket price of 44.000 IDR.

Children have to pay 29.000 IDR for entry tickets. It will cost you 123.000 IDR if you bring the motorcycle and 790.000 IDR if you bring a car, this price includes all passengers.

Facilities onboard are indoor/outdoor seating TV lounges, toilet, prayer room, and canteen. For passengers who get seasick easily, it is recommended to bring medicine or fill the stomach before departure because of the big waves in Lombok strait.

Ferry from Bali to Mataram and A Fantastic Cuisine on The Terrace in Tegalalang Village

Peaceful Holiday in Desa Tegalalang (Tegalalang Village)

The terraced rice fields are the main attraction of this tourist spot. Tegallalang Ubud distance is not very far from downtown Ubud. There are many Balinese-style stalls along the roadside of Desa Tegalalang which you can stop by and enjoy.

1. Terraced Rice Fields

Being a popular destination in Ubud, this village is a place where tourists spend time to snap some photos. The formation that looks like a giant staircase is a mesmerizing view to be captured indeed.

2. Inexpensive Ticket

With a distance of approximately 25 minutes from Ubud, you just need to spend 10.000 IDR for the entrance ticket and 5.000 IDR for parking.

3. Peaceful Atmosphere in the morning

This village is suitable for visiting in the morning when the air is still cool, and the sun is still warm. Tourists can still stay in the afternoon with the same shady and calm atmosphere as it is in the morning.

4. Thrilling Swing

This ride is worth a try for travelers who want to experience a thrilling atmosphere in the middle of a peaceful area. This swing hangs with an approximate height of 15 meters above the tree, so it feels like flying while swinging there.

5. Lots of Choices for Restaurants and Gift Shops

No need to worry about the village atmosphere, Tegalalang comes with a variety of places to eat and restaurants to fill your stomach, even deliberately designed to be directly facing the terraces view. Also, you can find the souvenir shops that sell bags or accessories to be purchased as a keepsake.

The traditional feel of the village community is indeed the superior value of Tegalalang Village. Even so, the natural beauty that fascinates visitors complete with supporting facilities will make your holiday feel pleasant and leave a good impression that you will remember for a long time.

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