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How to Facebook Language Changed

Are you not happy with Facebook default language and want to change, then in this article, I explain How to Facebook Language Changed to your regional or preferred language.

Maybe you, not comfortable with Facebook default language English but facebook always automatic translates to English or any other reason, you can set a default language for your Facebook account.

You can Facebook Language Change both on the Facebook website and on Facebook App. I explain both

How to Facebook Language Changed

Step1: Visit Facebook

Open your Web browser and search then log in with your credentials.

Step2: Click on Settings

Click on Settings

After that, Tap on down arrow in the top right side of the Page. then click on Settings.

Step3: Click on Language and Region

Click on Language and Region

Now you are on the Facebook Language settings page. Here, you can change your Facebook language, set the language that posts will be translated into, Language you don’t want to be offered translation for, Language you don’t want to translate for.

Step4: Click on Edit

Click on Edit

Step5: Select language and click Save Changes

How to Facebook Language Changed

Select your preferred language from dropdown menu and click Save Changes.

How to Facebook Language Changed on Facebook App

Step1: Tap on Menu Icon

Tap on Menu Icon

Lunch your Facebook App, Login with your Credentials. Then click on Menu Icon(3 parallel line).

Step2: Click on Settings and Privacy

Click on Settings and Privacy

After click Settings & Privacy, A dropdown menu is Open.

Step3: Click on Language

Click on Language

Step4: Select Prefered Language

Select Prefered Language

Tick your prefered Language and your Language is Set.

These above steps are applicable to both Android and iOS device.


Facebook language changed steps are easy to follow. You may find 100+ language available. I explain step by step, I hope you find your solution what you searching for. If you love this article then share it with your friends and family on social media.

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