7 Data Science Jobs That Are in Demand

Due to the growing importance of data in our everyday lives and businesses, people have many opportunities with data science experience and skills. And with data science jobs salary for beginners at an all-time high as well, it’s a better time than ever for finding data science jobs at entry-level.

Data Science Jobs That Are in Demand

This blog post discusses the top seven data science jobs in demand that you can get today and what type of work you’ll be doing.

7 Data Science Jobs That Are in Demand

1. Machine Learning Analyst

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses statistical models to allow computers to learn from data. Machine learning analysts work with natural language processing, data mining, and visualization experts.

In doing so, they create an end product using various machine learning algorithms. As the name suggests, this position requires extensive mathematical and computational skills. The job also requires knowledge of statistics or numerical analysis.

And like most data scientist jobs, you’ll need the best laptop for data science to make sure you’ve got the computing power to cope with the complex algorithms.

2. Research Analyst

Research analysts work with data science teams to uncover new ways to enhance products or features, identify themes in the data, or understand the impact of new technologies.

They use statistical, analytical, and mathematical programming languages and techniques. In doing so, they develop pipelines and perform data analysis. The position requires a good understanding of algorithms and data structures, as well as statistics.

3. Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for extracting, cleaning, and transforming large amounts of data into a structured format. They use Python, R, and SQL to create automated tools that help them with this process.

Data engineers also assist data analysts with cleaning up data. They can join the production team after the design is complete. They maintain the data pipeline and ensure that it runs in a smooth manner.

4. Data Wrangler

Data wranglers are responsible for interacting with data sources, getting the data into a structured format, and ensuring that it is clean and ready for use. They train machine learning models by generating new data sets.

Data wranglers also assist data engineers with transforming data into structured formats. This position requires a basic understanding of computer science or engineering. It also needs an understanding of statistics and machine learning.

5. Data Quality Analyst

Data quality analysts work with data engineers and data scientists. They ensure that the data meets quality assurance metrics.

They work on the validation machine learning models and maintain the data pipeline. They communicate with users and domain experts to discover potential knowledge gaps.

6. Data Visualizer

Data visualizers present data through a series of graphics and statistical representations. They translate data into information that people can read. For example, they may create graphics to show the change in demand over time for a specific product.

7. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts interpret data to make recommendations for improving business operations.

For example, suppose there is an increase in the number of products returned due to a damaged packaging design. In that case, the business analyst can work with the data science team to develop a solution to improve customer retention.

They need a strong understanding of business processes and behavioral science. They must be able to work well in teams and have strong communication skills.

Data Science Jobs Are Big Business

Readers should note that these are only seven of the top data science jobs today. There are many more that people can get in this field. The best way to know if you qualify is by taking some job tests online for data science positions and getting started your data science career.

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