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How To Create Twitter Account

How To Create Twitter Account? Here I guide you step by step process to create twitter new account and twitter account settings so easily promote twitter account.

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service on which users to share your opinion, links, views and interact with messages known as “tweets” in 280 characters. Twitter is, its huge user base and it’s one of the most popular Social networking sites after Facebook and Instagram.

321 million twitter active users worldwide because of this from the marketing perspective, you can use Twitter to market your blog, drive traffic and create an identity for your brand. So that creates Twitter business account or corporate twitter accounts.

How To Create Twitter Account

Step1: Visit Twitter and click on Sign up

Create Twitter Account

Visit and click on Sign up. Maybe you show different homepage because of Twitter change homepage timewise. otherwise, process is the same.

Step2: Enter Name and Phone or Email

Enter Name and Phone or Email for twitter new account

Here enter your name. If you want to create Twitter business account then enter the full business name.

Then enter email or phone number and click Next.

Step3: Verify your Account

After that Twitter sends you verification code to your Phone number or email address whatever you used to register.

After verify enter a strong password and click next.

Step4: Optimize your twitter new account

Then Twitter asks you to Upload your profile picture, cover picture, follow people and write a bio. If you don’t add anything at that time skip all.

You can edit all about you. Just go to Profile and click on Edit Profile then save it. Don’t forget to do all thing as soon as possible because people always want to know who you are? what did you do? Never add your favorite celebrity picture on your profile it looks spammy.

trump twitter account

Here is the look of the Trump Twitter account. 

If you want to create Twitter business account or corporate twitter accounts or promote your website then mention all details about your website on the bio section and add website URL. so you got a free backlink from Twitter.

Some Twitter Termelogy you must know

Tweet: Write any text or link or status up to 280 characters.

Retweet: To share a tweet posted by another person and show it on your Twitter profile.

Direct Message: When you want to send a Private message to someone

Followers: Users who follow your Twitter account

# Hashtag: Add Hash(#) before any keyword better chance to discover in the search. like #howtobest

Twitter verified account: It’s identified by a blue badge and indicates that an account from a business or person is authentic.

Search twitter account

After create twitter account you find your celebrity or colleague or friends on twitter and follow or Direct message them.

For that click on Search twitter and write keyword and search. You find it on the top right corner.

Search twitter account

And you can search for more details by click Advanced search. Here you search through words, language, username, Date, and engagement.

Add Twitter account

You can add multiple Twitter account up to 5 on one account and use all of them at a time just shift one profile to another.

Step1: click on More

For add twitter account click on more

After twitter account login for add twitter account click on More. then Tap on Plus(+) Icon.

Step2: Click on Add an Existing Account

Click on Add an Existing account

After that click on Add an existing account. Then enter your phone number or email or username and password. Then click login.

Twitter account analysis

Whenever you tweet on Twitter an analytic show how many people impression and engagement on your tweet.

For that First click on More then Tap on Analytics. There show a number of Tweets, Tweet impressions, Profile visits, mentions, and Followers.

You can show analytics per tweet. Click on Tweet Activity.

Twitter account analysis

When you run a business or website to grow your business you can create twitter ad account. it simply Advertises your Product or links or anything.

As shown above picture, For Reach a bigger audience Twitter promotes your tweet and you got more engagement. For that, you need to pay some money on Twitter.


I have tried my best to cover the most basic part of Create Twitter Account, and if you still have any questions about Twitter, feel free to ask me on comments. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it on Social media to your friends and family.

Did I miss anything? comment below.

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