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4 Simple Ways To Convert PDF Files To Other Formats

Nowadays, PDF files are used to submit and receive pertinent data. People use PDFs since they’re the best file format accessible, allowing them to keep their important documents confidential and securely encrypted. PDFBear is constantly assisting many people in editing, converting, merging, and even adding numbers to various PDF pages. That being said, the procedure is simple and will not cause you any problems.

Convert PDF Files To Other Formats

PDFBear is the ideal online app to use when on the go because it is accessible via portable devices. One of its famous functions is the conversion of PDF to and from various file formats, most notably the word, PPT, Excel, HTML, and JPEG. Here is a brief review of how to do the processes.

4-Easy Ways Convert PDF Files To Other Formats

This PDF online converter can be used in two ways by users. They can utilize this feature to convert PDF to word online or to other file formats such as PPT and Excel and vice versa. Users can also easily convert file formats such as PBM, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, or BMP to and from PDFs.

Having said that, the conversion process can be completed in a matter of minutes. That’s how quick it is to use this converter. For your privacy and security, PDFBear’s device will not save your documents on its server. Any file modified and submitted to the database is deleted 60 minutes after the conversion process since your files are only for you and not for other people. If you want to learn more about this operation, follow these four simple steps.

First, select the file to be converted from any device or cell phone. Second, submit it by either the drag-and-drop method or just selecting it from any folder to the website’s online conversion box. Third, wait for the process to be completed. Finally, you can begin downloading your file and even share it to social media or online storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Other Functions of PDFBear

PDF Editor

This online PDF editing tool enables users to modify their PDF files without encountering any difficulties. They can freely add texts or words, images, and draw arrows, circles, and lines. People can also highlight important passages, and if you want to change the text of a current PDF file, you can start with PDFBear.

Add Page Numbers to PDF

Numbering PDF pages is simple and does not cause you any problems. This simple method of inserting a set of numbers into your PDF pages can be extremely beneficial. As a result, you’ll have no problems remembering the correct page, and your file will appear more neat, clean, and competent. Users can conveniently and freely add numbers to PDF pages with this GogoPDF feature.

PDF Merge

What is the aim of merging PDF files? A factor why it is advantageous to merge your PDF file is for the convenience of the user or viewer. Scanning many PDF files is time-consuming and demands your commitment. It is easier for the reader to continue reading without being interrupted.

Another reason to combine your files into a single PDF file is to print quite easily. When you have several PDF files, you must open them one at a time, and printing them one at a moment is inconvenient. That’s why you have combined multiple PDF files into one, you can print them rapidly and effortlessly.

PDF Split

Assume you can combine your files into a single PDF file. You can also divide a file into multiple PDF files. Splitting the PDF file allows you to remove relevant details from the file. This helps the reader to explicitly read the information you need them to understand. This method is preferred for extracting discussions from a literature review, a text, or a long page.

When you separate your PDF files, you will also profit from reducing the file size of your file. When your file size decreases, you can upload your PDF file much faster and more easily over the web. The smaller file size is also more space-friendly because it allows you to make more space for yourself.

PDF Repair

If you use PDF files, there is a slight risk that they will be damaged or corrupted. This generally happens when your storage device is exposed to a virus or ransomware. You can easily resolve this issue by using the PDF Repair tool of PDFBear. In just four stages, your corrupted or infected PDF file can be repaired in less than a minute.

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